Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Ideal Boyfriend

A post just before i go for dinner. Every one I know has done this post ( okay actually most people I know)

not like , I'm trying to imply anything.
And NO.
I'm not going to say ' his imperfections are what makes him perfect,because he's perfectly IMPERECT . Balls!

Must be smart. As in acedimically. or at least not totally misfortunate in his studies.
I cannot stand himbo's or other people thinking I have a himbo for boyfriend.

Must not be sloppy.
I hate the idea of being associated with a guy who's so sloppy its kinda gross.

Read my mind please.
I'm not that thick skinned to tell him what I'm thinking half the time, so I would prefer it if he can already guess. I know no every one are super mind readers but after a period of time, surely you can tell how i feel about this that ding dong

Definetly not someone who is going to judge me
because I have no religion/ I am not a vegan/ or I like pink.

I like people who play instruments.
All guys should play instruments. It should be a requirement. cause its so attractive :D

That's about it, oh oh oh, dnt forget to tend me , feed me,  && fund me.

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