Friday, September 4, 2009

The hottest women in the world

In my humble opinion, the hottest women in the world! ( and no, iam not going to bomard my page with pictures of megan fox / angelina jolie )

1) Nicole Kidman
She has like, alien like amazing skin, i dont know how much SKII she has used but I have to admit it is SO amazing

2) Anne Hathaway
She is, MY FAVOURITE ACTRESS ( and reese witherspoon) Usually in the movies she stars in she's always some nerdy girl who transforms into a really hot one. ( princess diaries / the devil wears prada)

3) VENETIANPRINCESShe prettiest YOUTUBER, ever!! and all her video's are so entertaining.

4) Keira KnightlyPirates of the carribean!

5) That girl who model's for biotherm!!Even though I dont use Biotherm

And finally, This one out shine's them all with her hotness.


Pee/esh: I stole it from his facebook, so you know where I got it from.

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