Friday, September 18, 2009

A day out with my girlfriends * PICTURED*

So, I haven't gone out with my friends/ classmates for sometime, some of you may call me a hermit that lives underneath a rock, or just a very unsociable person.

I am not a hermit. because hermits do not do faces like this. hehe.

So basically, my day was that my 'so called reliable group members' were supposed to come over to my house AND GET STARTED ONT HE PROJECT WHICH WE OBVIOUSLY DID NOTHING CAUSE WE WERE TOO LAZY. But at least we had fun

Yes, my awesome, awesome group :*


They're not in my group. only ameline :D So we then got bored and went to spring, we actually planned to go watch a movie but UNFORTUNATELY, it was all sold out, and i mean, EVERYTHING, i told Jason to give the ticket seller puppy dog eyes but he said he wasn't tall enough to see past the counter.

Making arrangements.

ANYWAYS, we arrived super late.

There wasn't much options left, except to shop. and all of you know how much i enjoy shopping. AND I REALLY REALLY WANTED THE BLUE THING ( its the cookie monster) BUT IT WAS SO INSANELY RIDICULOUSLY OVER PRICED, that i couldn't get it. and no, IT IS NOT UGLY. i think its cute.

feeding each other ice cream. This swingy thingy that I was standing on. IT COULD MOVE :O
Okay, that's all, And it is time for bed.
Oh, and I love these two picture

Epic faces.
P/S:I MISS YOU SAM :( proof btw :6 hehe
I had it put in bigass fonts so she wouldnt miss it :)

Pee/Pee/ESH: did i mention I bought the most adorable cow ever?

But ameline says that the hair resembles pubs.
The cow has feelings too you know.

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