Sunday, August 16, 2009

updates :D

Short update*
Hello people. Still working on the volcano project, I've stuck SO MANY little rocks/ big rocks on to it, until its so heavy :( So, Yesterday morning went over to Melvin's house to get started on the VOLCANO :D. IT WAS SO BIGGGG . There were two houses in his compound, and my driver was like,
WHICH house? got TWO!!

Swimming pool. There were loads of rocks there. The thing I found really funny that day was when Michael woke upa nd he came down stairs he was like, EH, wtf are you guys doing here!? And then Kim Tay walked by and he was like, ' HUH? why you also here!?' at 10 a.m in the morning. Then he waked away, 'ai si, so paiseh la,' ( CAUSE, he was still in his pjs) :P

Melvin's drumset, Amy and I were so sakai.

Our " boouuutyyyfull Volcano :D
KITCHEN. everything's tupperweared. :D
Eating table. This is so the house I want to live in :(
Amy playing with my camera.
ALSO, I've found out that SUPERGLUE + Foamy paper = ACID to the foamy papaer. Cause Amy, melvin, inrahim and fernan were gluing paper to foamy paper wth superglue,an they were like, EH? why cannot stick one!?
They lifted up the paper and found big ass holes on the foamy paper where the glue had been put

Another retarded thing that happened that day was when we asked ibrahim to go get rocks and he went all over melvin's fields outside to look for rocks, then he found this little pool of white rocks ( it looked so random!). I remember Michael saying to melvin " EH, Na shi wo men jia li de shi toe ah? SIAO BEHH.


EH! Thoes are our own rocks from our house ah??

PEE/ESH: I'll be sure to take pictures of the volcano when I'm done with it, it looks pretty awesome now. Now all i have to do is go steal some minature houses from my sister's monopoly set :P

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