Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transitting... soon

hello Internet people
I'm currently waiting for my transition to U.S
(actually I'll be transiting through Germany first then to U.S)
At the mean time I'm pretty much.. falling asleep?

Anyways, I always have a phobia, of flying. Hey I'm a pretty good air traveller, I can do 20 hours on the plane without puking ( obviously giddy but, you've got to admit that's pretty amazing )
Well whenever I go to forgein countries I always have this fear.. that the plane will be hijacked. Or there'll be some suicide bomber on board. I know.. its far fetched. BUT IT DOES HAPPEN. and what if it happens... later!? what THEN? i cant FLY. ( i wished i could but you and i both know that i cant )

And I also have a paranoia of the plane falling.
Imagine the plane, flying ever so peacefully.. then
it falls
100 feet .. and i'll be screaming me head off. ugh.

Did I mention another phobia of mine?
yea. you know, even just thinking about it. me standing on the observation platform of a tall building, can make my palms all sweaty.

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