Friday, August 7, 2009

SAM <3

Sammie dedicated this poem to me. :)
Aww. Is that sweet or what?
Something that Sam and I both feel.

Do i have to think about it everyday
happy when you're here sad when you're away.
wondering where you are when im thinking of you
cant help but smile when you walk into view.

see you from the corridor
cos you're too far away
wishing you would realise
every single day

cant you see that im right here
and im all that you need
is it hard to take a chance
is it so hard to believe

that we could be smth real
if you could feel the way i feel
and maybe if you took the time
youd be the rhythm to my rhyme.

all you got to do is take my hand
ill lead you through this complex
look at me ill look at you
and hope to god weve found smth true.

I love her. the bow to my violin.

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