Friday, August 21, 2009

Landed in new york

So i've landed in new york ( finally)
okay i have to admit. The flight was pretty horrible. I had the middle seat. which everyone know it is the worse seat :P ( ECONOMY )

ANDDD. all this time, it hough tht i would be transitting through germany. I AM SO RETARDED. It wasn't Germany, it was Stockholm. ( which is in Sweden)
I didn't have the chance to explore Sweden ( just stuck int he airport)

First thing that comes to the mind when i think of Sweden
Chocolates :)
NO CHOCOLATE. cause when we arrived at Sweden it was 5a.m int he morning so all the stores weren't open.

Here's how the flight time went
Kuching-KL (1: 45 minutes)
KL- Stockholm, SWEDEN ( transition 2 hours, 10 hours flight)
Sweden- New York, USA. ( 1 hour transition, 8 hours flight)
( the airport was bad.. the imigration part.. we were there for 2 hours)

But I am well and alive. A little hungry but alive :)
Right now, I'm staying at a hotel near Brooklyn ( i'm obviously not a millionaire who can afford to stay int he elite parts of Manhattan.)

Right now its about 5 in the morning, after this I am going back to sleep and later..
My shopping fetish shall dominate me. New York city is pretty amazing ( okay its very amazing)
Right now if i look out my window all i see are buildings, towering above me, skyscrapers touching the sky.

And if your wondering whether I have had the chance to visit the Statue of Liberty the answer is No. Because I hear that its closed at the moment because of the fear that it will be attacked by terrorists.

BUT, i have seen it, when i was driving to Manhattan. Its at the harbours, green and tall.( p.s The statue of liberty was a gift from the french when U.S gained their independence, they did it so that they could make friends with the U/S, i learned it during history. ALSO, i think it used to be brown but after the years of rusting it became green. I guess that's hat happens to copper when it oxidises)

Anyway, I know its really retarded but I really REALLY pray to god, that I'll see Leighton meester walking around. OH GOD PLEASE. I will run across a four way street and then run up to her and ask for her autograph.

Alright, time for bed. Good morning . :)

pee/esh: I am missing you, Sam.. Bobby, Brenda.. Syaf .. people :) humans..

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