Friday, August 7, 2009


RANT ( my little pathetic rants)
So.. Yesterday's FML.
I'll beging with a big bam boom ..FML!!


Today ( or yesterday, whatever) , I achieved second in a speech contest that I worked my ass of in ( for the second year). UNFAIR. Now i feel like a complete loser because everything i do, i am ALWAYS second. ( eg: second place in class, second in gavel post, second in speech, I AM EVEN BORN ON THE SECOND of november) .. I lost to Serena. And I just realized I have to finish up all my assignment before I leave for the U.S. So you can imagine I'm pretty stressed out here. And today I just screwed up my math test. FML

Serena. My dear. I shall accept losing to you. okay lets not 'losing'. I shall accept.. err.. not beating you ( much better) but i am better . Nahhh. Jk.
But its alright. Like how people say. Second is better than third. Or second last is better than last. Or last is better than... well.. nothing... try harder nect time then :))

CAUSE ITS THE CLIIIMMMMMBBBBBBB. I'm going to go mourn now.

PEE/ESH: is it just me or is the weather getting hotter and hotter!?!?

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