Friday, August 21, 2009

First times for everyone

There are first times for everyone.

For example, today, I used the subway. ( for those of you who have the IQ of a snail, the subway is a really cheap downtown ish train station ) And I think its really freaky.
Cause its really dark, well it is sort of lighted, but it is still dark.

SO, today my sister , cousin and I wanted to explore the downtown side of Manhattan, so we used . TADAH. SUUUBBWAYYYYY. And there were so many problems, we didn't know which train, which station to get off, blah blah blah.

And the people there were really nice when we asked for directions , it was actually quite funny
Imagine a scenario where your sitting on a train, and you ask the lady in front of you where Broadway 32 is.

Then she'll say something..blah blah blah,
Then the guy next will join in the conversation and say something like " no nooo, the faster was is.."

Then the guy at a corner who you thought was focusing on reading a book suddenly looks up and says, " what? that's not right! If you want to go to .." So yea it was quite funny.

Ballet flops. ARE HORRIBLE FOR WALKING LONG DISTANCES. believe me . I've learned it the hard way with huge blisters on my FOOT. Or maybe its just that my shoes are just to tight, but after an hour of working, every step i took was torture, people were probably wondering if i were disabled because i was actually limping. Even when I was at the store, and I saw this really pretty dress, i wanted to reach out to it.. but. nope. couldn't reach it cause my feet hurt and my arm wasn't long enough.

Last thing I learned
Always check your camera
Today I brought along my compact camera. It was flat out of battery and it had no memory card

pee/esh: today's shopping rating I would give a 5 out of 10. could not buy quite a few things because mood was destroyed due to blistered foot.

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