Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello people,
Just arrived in Boston yesterday ( went for dinner then fell asleep) , Unfortunately I have no pictures now, their all in my dslr and I'm too lazy to upload it now. But I shall do it tomorrow.

From NYC we took the train to Boston ( which was a 4 hours journey)and it was SURPRISINGLY luxurious. Seriously, there was a cafe in the train. And time passed so fast.. or maybe it was because I was playing Feeding frenzy for 4 hours straight.

Boston is quite different from NYC. Its by the harbour. ANDD, I had clam chowder at this really awesome restaurant that served obama clam chowder. SO we were eating clam chowder obama was eating!!

My mother took the one that was lighter though ( less creamy)

Brother: Yerr, what are you eating
Mom: its a less creamier version of the clam chowder
Brother: yerr, but obama doesn't eat that!!

Anyways, next to the restaurant was the bay. where the BOSTON TEA PARTY happened!
For all you year 9's who pay attention in history class i'm sure you all know what that is

( No, it is not actually a tea party)

It was when the Boston people were protesting against the British because of tax raise. So an act of protest was, they dumped a shipload of tea into the harbour
(shit i hope i got that right or it will be really embarrassing for me, well its something like that)

I never really understood why dumping tea was so bad. But now i do!
Brtish tea was really valued in the olden times, so imagine them saying

Hahhahh, I have dumped your tea into the water, now you do not have any tea
Evil eh.

Anyways, the weather here is really awesome, shall post up pictures later :D

Yesterday night I was sitting on the long wharf, and in front of me were towers that were all gold and glittering.IT WAS SO NICE.

My to do list: I shall go there for my honeymoon. and i shall bring brenda ong along!! It shall be the best present ever

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