Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad morning

Hilary has gone back to Houston.. Texas.
I feel really frazzled now, My head feels heavy and I feel scrubby, my mouth is twisted to and upside down smile.. and I feel sleepy. But what I dont understand is that I've slept for the past 12 hours, and I missed out dinner ( and dinner, from what i here from my brother was really amazing as they ate on a rooftop, and i was sleeping)
Anyways, I went to a diner to eat lunch, ( a diner is a classic american restaurant) and their servings are damned huge.Nothing much cause i feel moody now, I'm off to play who has the biggest brain :D, im leaving for BOSTON later by train ( 4 hours) ugh. OMG, i just realized that i have to get one of thoes


Pee/esh: did you know that in the LSATS, the term MANY, is ONE or MORE. I know its weird, but its logic! According to my brother.

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