Friday, July 24, 2009

To you

Something I feel like telling YOU.
But we all know what a big fat chicken I am.

I thought I saw this coming, but you know how even when you know that its going to come, and when it does you still feel shocked?

Yes, that's how I feel. Even though, you have a bad attitude, and you hurt the feelings of many, you do things that are horrible, Its as if your not living in the real world. I have a feeling you will be who you always are. But I also have another feeling, deep down underneath all the negative impressions of you, that there is actually someone, nice inside you. Because, I've seen her before.

I dislike the way you sashay through life.
As if nothing will ever go wrong. Things aren't always going to turn out they way YOU want them to be. The selfish, self centered things you want.
STOP hating. Learn to appreciate. Embrace it & accept it.
When people try to give you advice. Dont be so hard headed.
STOP thinking, you right. ALL THE TIME

You should get off your high horse,
Come back to reality
And leave your old self behind.

Do you actually mean it when your sorry?
How many times have you used that. On how many different people.
The misery you've caused, the feud's you've started.

Pee/Esh: No names were mentioned ;)

*Pee/Pee/Esh: BUTCH
My new addictive word
Which means a very masculine woman. Something like a SHEmale

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