Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter + Sleepover + Eggs

So, on Friday I went out with Sams. TO WATCH THE ULTIMATE MOVIE OF THE CENTURY (or rather year, but century sounds much more impressive)


MUAHAHA. Let me tell you, the cinema was jammed pack, when Sam and I went in we were like, WHOA. It was so bloody crowded! I think its the first time I've seen our little Star Ciniplex having such an overflow. So Sam and I got pretty paranoid, what if there were no more seats left? We had been making plans for AGES ( okay fine, just two weeks, but two weeks is pretty long okay)

So it was like. YOU GET THE POPCORN , I'LL GET THE TICKETS. AND I SHALL MEET YOU HERE. OKAY? OKAY. So there was this amazingly long line fr the ticket counter, and I felt so annoyed at this family who took an excruciating period of time to choose their seats. HELLO? there were hardly ANY seats left, HOW HARD COULD IT BE TO CHOOSE THE SEATS??
Al of us here... waiting for the magical wonder of the movie of harry potter to begin :D
Unsurprisingly we got the shittiest seat in the entire cinema ( right at the front, and in the middle, my neck still hurts untill now, but it was worth the torture!) There were even a bunch of kids that sat on the floor ( no idea how they got in though)
But it was so amazing!! :D i loved it, though there were some parts that were pretty freaky
Ways to make movies more enjoyable:
1) Should have advertisments, (like a sudden kfc / McD ad ) in the middle of the movie, so that people like us, can rush to the toilet, like sam said, we do not have bladders of steel.
2) Important Movie of the Year Movies liek Harry Potter should have popcorn served inside the hall so we dont hae to move our asses.
3) there should also be waiters ( eg. there should be a button ont he handle of the chair so we can press when we want the service of the waiter and the button shall.. i dont know, alert the waiters pager, if waiters even have pagers and then the waiter can take our order because we are way t engrossed in the movie to give a damn)
Hello twinkly town of Kuching and to the little cars beneath us. Have you watched harry potter? bet you havent losers.Harry potttahhh :DAnd DURIAN
Tsk tsk.
How celebrities was their dishes
i pointed out to sam that celebs dont was their dishes, but she said, well if they DID, this is how they shall wash it :D
NERDDD. with my nerd glasses
And also, for the past one and a half days i have FINALLY appreciated my privileges ( ELECTRICITY) because my air con fused ( ALL THE AIR CONS IN MY HOUSE FUSED, thank god we still had the fan) and it was so HOT. we were like, all greasy and sweaty ( ewww, not a pretty sight at all) and each time we took a bath we STILL felt dirrrrtyy. BUT YES, I NOW APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH, SO PLEASE, let the air con be fixed by tomorrow as i am spending another night in the sweltering heat in the depths of my room tonight.

Before sam left we were bored so i decided to play with sam's face ( eg, curl her hair and make up)
The curling hair part made her VERY AFRAID. MUAHAHHAHAAH. (mainly because i'e burned myself quite a few times, ehh, thats what you get when you want EXPERINCE OKAY)

My glittery eyeshadow master pieceI shall show you all the rest of the pictures :D

And , by finishing the rest of the day, DURIAN


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