Friday, July 17, 2009

exams results are back

Well exam results are back, and there's always that big disappointment during that period of time.
you've guessed it. It's the revenge of Math

Arguably, math has always been my weakest subject. the only subject that i had to go an extra mile for ( or more like 1000 extra miles) than all the other subjects. I have always struggled through the Math Climb. As Syaf and i refer to.
That were climbing a mountain, and at the peak is Serena, ( who once again, without fail, scored a 91 for math this term ) while we're barely progressing and are still at the foot of the mountain, clawing our way through ( unsucessfully).

And after my overdose of math tuition, ( about 5 times a week ) it is FINALLY getting just a teeny weeny bit better.

For the first time in my secondary school life


scream it like you mean it!!

Okay, i suppose now your wondering, what the hell is the big deal? Its just a B.. a pathetic.. small..ugly .. weak. B of nothingness. But no, to me, i see it in a diffrent light, its not JUST A 'B'. (how could you say that to something so magnificent!?) ITS A FUDGINGFANTASTIC B!! Its like, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TBoldHING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.

And now i feel like a loser because most Math blessed people would think this is nothing. * plants big L on forehead* But my report card has always been A's and ONE C. And that C has always ALWAYS been math. BUT now, its not A's and a C. Its A's and a B!!!

Is that awesome or what?? i should go celebrate and go buy myself McD's.

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