Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bye josh

I like me retarded sunnies..
that have absolute no use at all :P
I wonder if you have realized that my blog has become totally ( or a little) pictureless these few weeks. we'll, ive realized it. YOU KNOW WHY? because my computer has been reformatted and the screen is all stretched and shitty and when i upload pictures my face looks ugly and flat and fat. I look like little miss pancake. Aggh, but i will swallow my pride and ignore my flat face staring right at me ( well at least its fat when my computer shows it to me)

So these two or three weeks i havent been blogging much, or either i've been blogging about meaningless crap, BUTTTT.. EXAMS ARE OVER :D and i am so thrilled, i hardly even slept for thoese nights when exams were on the next day, I didnt do much after the exams though, ( not much of a big celebration i guess )

But, i hd lunch with my english teacher and my mom at heritage with his family, HOMG, his daughter is so so so so CUTEEEE!!!

At night i went to see josh, since thats going to be one of the last times i'll ever see him again.. okay fine, not 'ever ' lah, maybe for just 6 months, until he leaves to australlia on wednesday.
You've been such a good friend to me.
remember Puffles, I remember josh thinking that it was damn ugly cause he said that it looked as if it were having an orgasm. But i find it super cute okay!
ey you dont forget about me okay -.-
We may be oceans apart
and miles away
but i'm only just a phone call away.

i love you, you retard!!!!!
I just had dinner. I feel so full now. gah.

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