Saturday, July 11, 2009

Belated father's day post

Okay i know father's day was weeks ago, bt i had totally forgotten to blog about it. Well it was nothing special, we had brunch at Hilton since there was some good discount. But the food was quite bad, or maybe cause we came at the wrog time when there were only scraps of leftovers to feast.
See what i mean? there were just bits and pieces from the chicken. And dont understand, is there some unwritten known fact that Chinese do not like to eat Chicken breast meat because it has no taste, but its less fattening that the drumstick? But i dont feel a diffrence between the breast and the drumstick, they all taste the same okay! still taste like chicken to me. I cant even tell the diffrence between pork and beef.
This diarrhea like substane is actually a yummy piece of chocolate pudding
And ice cream.. which i didnt like because it tasted like cheap ice cream.

My dad :D looking away,very afraid of camera's :6
Apple pie!
Cookie cereal

The peepaww
And now, cake attack!

Waffle. its suppposed to be a smiley face

My sister, unwillingly posing
Leftover cold cuts

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