Thursday, July 23, 2009

About love sex and marriage?

Hello peepawls. I've finally being allowed to go online, but just for awhile ( cause I'm not allowed to go online during weekdays ) Well, there are a bunch of things that happened during these past few days.

( We got to see how we did for our second term, I finally reached my goal in average , 83.4 , it may not be a lot to some smart ass people, but its damn hard to get an A average cause you'll have to sacrifice all your sleeping time to study, unless your born a genius, and since I am not some Kid Genius, i have to do that )

okay. RANT.
( just so you know, I'm not directing nor targeting anyone)

Well a day ago we had this Talk ( with a capital 'T' ) from this Filipino woman how came to our school to talk to us about sex. or something like that. Firstly, I just thought that everything sh said was really cliche ( no offence of course ) , everything that i expected her to say, she said it all. Nothing out of the ordinary or had hitting.

Secondly, I get a tad bit peeved sometimes ( and at rare times infuriated) when this comes up. Christianity. ( i thought were not supposed to touch on religion? ) i Its not like i have anything against it, i might even become a christian when i'm older, but the speaker went on about how the Bible says that we cannot have pre marital sex and because of Christ and stuff. But what about the rest of us? What about those who AREN'T Christians? Like me for example, how can i relate to this? (i'm a free thinker btw) I just found it unfair, so is she only talking to the Christian's in our school? What about the rest of us? Or maybe i misunderstood but I'm pretty sure that's what i heard.

But at the same time, I kind of pitied this lady, because she seemed to be putting in so much effort, and after telling us how WRONG pre marital sex is ,and she asks is, " SO, do you still want to have sex before marriage?" Sadly, practically the whole crowd answered in a rather unsure 'yes' ( sort of like, teasing her) and after a few more times with the same question being asked and the same answer being thrown back, i guess she gave up and just said that we were probably 'just kidding'. LOL.

And at the last part of this whole talk thing, I never really understood, she said that if we didnt want to have pre marital sex, we should stand up and vow. And she told us that, vowing was a very SERIOUS thing to do, so we have to make sure that we dont break it.
The entire hall had their asses planted firmly onto the ground.
Until the all the members of the prefectorial board stood up. I heard from a lot of people that the teachers had to go around asking the students to stand up. I thought it was a very.. noble thing for them to do.

That i couldn't understand. ( TO SOME OF YOU OUT THERE ) Shouldn't it be our choice whether we want to stand up and vow or not? Since its so serious, we should be given the choice. Shouldn't it be our choice if we believe that pre marital sex is not wrong, or we dont take a side? Shouldn't we at least been given the right to stand by our beliefs? I'm not saying that they actually jabbed a gun onto or head and forced us, but in my opinion, Some of the people next to me were doing it indirectly.

Because some of us didn't want to stand up, and people gave us 'the look'. a sort of, 'wtf your going to have SEX before your married look you whore, MY GAWD, your just asking for aids' look. So it was kinda pushing us to do something we dont want to, cause not all of us are super UNpaiseh. And i have to say that its kinda humiliating to be sitting down when everyone is standing up ( not to mention awkward).
(all of us stood up in the end)

Just because some of us were sitting doesn't mean you have to stereotype us in a way that you think that we were 'sex crazy weirdo's who want to have pre marital sex' ( BELIEVE ME, some people are so narrow minded that they think that way) There are other reasons you know, maybe some of us arent comfortable with making a promise. What if we cant keep it? What if we get drunk and have sex or someone rapes us? Thats still counted as having sex isn't it? Or maybe we dont think that pre marital sex is wrong nor right, were just neutral, at least respect that right? Cause i think that this topic is really subjective ( I debated with my MOM about this for almost an hour )

End of rant. i feel better

Btw, i want new glasses

Pee/esh: I have no idea why i say 'no offence' when i feel offended when people say that to me
cause its like saying. You know kim, your really ugly and you have a horrendous voice and i feel like ripping of your lips when you talk. NO OFFENCE OF COURSE. TEEHEE.

just an example

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