Saturday, June 27, 2009


i have so much to update
but so so little time

i'm currently in kl, at some eatery. Feeding on their free wifi. When i should be studying. Or rather looking at books.

But noooo. My mom wont let me study at dinner ._. Gag. I feel so bloody frustrated.

Why is it that right this minute i'm looking at a menu, staring at the shark fin soup thing. Why is it that my mom wont let me have that?! So cheap somemore. Its all, dont eat sharks, the kill sharks for the fin. Meh. All of that sounds like vegan hippie talk. Save the world go green. But i love shark fin, even though people give that disapproving 'you disgusting supporter of shark slaughter' frown.

And another question, michael jackson passed away recently (if you haven't heard you must be living underneath a rock because its been broadcasted all over the net, the radio has been playing all of his songs for an entire fax and its on the front page of every newspaper slash CNN BREAKING NEWS.) I've never been a huge fan of michael jackson but i have a question,

why is it ah, that michael jackson has gone under the knife countless times, and nothing has ever happened to him, but why is it, when he is not even doing anything, he gets cardiac arrest and dies. Why is it if withstand so many surgeries, he cant with stand one cardiac arrest?! Some one tell me .

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