Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i want to make a bet with someone. I bet that in a few years time, facebook is going to be dumped aside, and everyone will start worshipping twitter! Seriously! Right now it doesnt seem as if so many people are going durians over twitter as we are all still in the facebook phase, but mark my words. In a few years, maybe 5, everyone will move on, to twitter! It'll be just like myspace. At First it was myspace , the in thing, then it became friendster. People often say friendster users only care about the number of friends they have on friendster. . . Which is quite true

then friendster was chucked aside and everyone said their goodbyes to friendster, and hello 's to facebook with their very addictive applications.

But i am so certain. That in a few years time, twitter shall be the new thing. Infact i already joined twitter but no one has joined yet so its no fun ._.

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