Saturday, June 13, 2009

Superpoke PETS

i hate how EVERYTIME i visit my pet on facebook [ superpoke pets] ITS ALWAYS COVERED IT POOP. ITS DISGUSTING, and i feel forced to clean it over and over again, [ look at the picture, there are even flies swarming around Tofu! And its got that really sad sad look on its face, and it wants to go play]

But now, its clean! And all happy looking :)Since you cant see the little bits of glitters that are shining over Tofu , i shall now exagerate its cleaness with my mutha HUGE SPARKLES OF ULTRA UTTER CLEANNESS!! PHWOOOAAARRRRRRRRR


But it`ll be back to the same dirty stuff in a few hours anyway. fml -.-

Ah, oh, just a few hours ago Sam and i were talking about fml ( f my life), and fml werent allowing her to post up her fml posts. F my life that fml wont allow me to post up my damn fml posts!

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