Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogging history [ well part of it]

i`ve been meaning to do this post for quite a long time,
why did i start blogging,


it all happened.long ago, in the stone ages, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Or just, last year.

when i was having such a major breakdown

I was just so frustrated, i couldnt stop crying.
So i stuffed all my angry thoughts into this little blog

Actually i started blogging quite some time ago but i wasnt commited to it because my blog... was UGLY. seriously, i had no idea how to beautify the darn thing. it looked so shieettyy. But then i slowly learned : D

But after a while i did delete the first post i have ever made in this blog. I do regret it though, i mean .. it was part of my history!!

and at times like this, i think to myself, what would oprah do!?
well thats about it, till then.. until i remember more stuff. about this..thing.

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