Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rich bitch

You know, sometimes when i feel sad/ emotional/ or estatic I guess i like to write. cause its cool
its what COOL PEOPLE DO. PPPPSSHHHHH. [sacrasam]

Rich bitch

Sometimes i feel like i want to run away
be engulfed into my thoughts thats where i`ll stay

Sometimes i feel i dont know what`s life all about
its about the rich kids who own branded shiz and pout

Its about the rich rich kids isnt it? that kid
you know. the one with the double eye lid?

Yea thats the girl
the one wearing pearls

You know, she thinks she`s so great
But she sucks and thats fate

Sometimes i cant stand that bitch
She`s got the characteristics of a witch

You know, she`s fed with a silver spoon
no doubt her ass is as big as the moon.

So yea. Rich spoiled bitch who thinks everything revolves around her. go burn in hell

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