Sunday, May 31, 2009

This year, we performed a spanish dance ( diana, manda, meline, syaf, melissa, jen kueen, sammie, jenny, amy, mica and other peeps) I KNOW. Its nothing special or interesting, BUT WE PUT A LOT OF EFFORT INTO THAT DANCE.I guess that the only bad thing about the dance was that we all had to go mapak. [balddie] It wasnt a pretty sight.
Miss Sharon, the stressed oneMessy noisy and chaotic at the same time
BalddiesWater bottles :6
Air Kisses!
Big eyes
Syaf, the glowing one
And sam, the little cutie pumpkin pie who`s trying to steal food
There`s nothing much to say about this year,
probably cause it wasnt that interesting as last years. or maybe its just me.

P/s: sam we have to go out and blingify our nails, :D but probably not the first few days of hols cause all the shops are closed -.- stupid gawai holidays

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