Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleepover with sam

So Sams slept over at my place on Friday. Let me tell you, It was the fun-est thing that happened to me for ages!! cause. i`ve been living underneath a rock so yeaa. studying. First we had our Musical evening rehearsal then she came home with me and we got ready for the Interact movie night thing. THEN, when all the monster vs alien stuff was done. SCOOPS. we headed over to scoops. ICECREAM :D

I love her :) [SCOOPS]
It was nothing much, the entire night we spent talking to each other, you know even though its just talking its heck load of fun cause she's the best listener in the world. oh yeah, and the greatest talker. :D

HOMG. i woke up at 4 am in the morning cause it was so bloody cold. After i took a bath and everything i had to wake sam up. which was next to impossible as she slowly crawled out of bed. :)Muahaha. and had chicken pie for breakfastNerd kisses. :X LOVESS*
After my math tuition ( sam just stayed in my room and played with my shoes while i was have math) We finished up the movie "he`s just not that into you"
HOMGG. the entire movie was so true. I kept on telling sam that she was one of the girls who kept on saying " WHY ISN'T HE CALLING, WHY GOD WHY!!?"
Go watch it, it really is a good movie
PPPSH. sam was my model for the day. she was so pretty with her poofy thick hair and shiz. I LOVE IT. I WANT HER HAIR. and her EYES. they're so freaking HUGE. O.O
PPSHH. the photorapher is awesom. COUGHS HINTS :D


The most adorable cookie in the world
Best friends <3>
The cam whore.
I love yoo sam
Goodnight. My mom is nagging me now.

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