Friday, May 8, 2009

Right now, i am so pissed at my mom. Wait, i`m mad at her everyday so i dont think that makes a difference does it? Everything she says , everything , all she wants is for everything to be done her way. I know I sound like the perfect stereotype of a teenager, a rebellious teenager who just makes her parents life difficult but i`m NOT. OKAY? CHEEBYE. *exhales*

" But, but" i say
" i dont want to hear any of that okay? can you just shut up?! I just want YOU to get out of my room" my mother shouts.. which is the exact same thing she says everyday

Today has been a horrible. everyday for the past week has been awful. its just a repeating cycle of shit. I think i should blog about my penang trip. Well for starters i didnt enjoy it, staying in a room and in a car with two sisters that just fight all day doesnt make it the least enjoyable. you just feel like slapping them across the face but you know you cant do that. You just want to scream STFU but you know you cant do that. GAH. i`ve been contorlling myself. i should deserve an award.There was this amazing place to eat and it was at the foot of the mountains.

whatever, i`m very miserable now. after a staggering two hours of math, i have to go to sleep now because i`m being forced too. how fantastic. and not to mention waking up at 7 for tution first thing in the morning.

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