Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So tired now. and my mother is nagging me. like, nag nag nagg.
Today has been quite a bad day i suppose. but in the end , it turned out pretty alright.
Firstly, i was sort of disappointed when my essay didn`t make the cut
It was like a slap in the face,
I know what your thinking.
I KNOW *glares*

BITCH, you think your essay so GOOD MEH? you think YOU can make the cut MEH. ppft. SO OVER CONFIDENT

exactly. i bet that ran through your mind. But i tried really hard, it was kind of like a slap in the face. Well at least now i know to try harder. no hard feelings :)

And, syafs,brens,jj,darren,jacques,jan were at my house. we were all cramming for the music project. well not exactly, but it was so chaotic i felt like pulling out my hair. Bren`s laugh is contagious.

Bren: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. JJ fuck you stop makeing that stupid face
Syaf: -.-

* thrashes head onto wall*

I could say that i had my doubts when we first started trying out our performance cause everyone was still shakey and unsure, [no doubt i was really unstable] And i`m sure the rest of us felt incredibly insecure when bren and syaf were able to belt out and hit all the notes on the spot. it was like a live beyonce concert, amazing. And the rest of us were just looking from side to side. But after a while i could see slow improvment [and only in an hour] I could hear the tunes and harmonies getting richer and more confident. So for about only 3 hours as a first pracice that was fantabulous guys ;D

JJ sings:" tell your mother, your brother"
*random weird ringing tone comes out*
Bren: Jiajun! why your ringtone freaking weird??
JJ: its ma mothersss.

okay fine, that wasnt really FUNNY. but it would have been is you were there then you could have seen his facial expression and everything.
Okay i`m going to sleep now, and sleep all my worries away,I`ll melt all my negative thoughts tonight in my sleep

If you only love me in my dreams
I want to be asleep forever.

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