Saturday, May 2, 2009


okay, so i`m in penang right now. i cant wait to go home, which is tomorrow night. everything`s been enjoyable here.. so far. except the food. THE FOOD :( GREAT BIG FAGGING DISAPPOINTMENT!! I probably suit Caucasian food. You know, like rice on a leaf.. chopped squiddies, and curry fish. But nooo, i had to eat noodles. yuck i hate noodles. ESPECIALLY NOODLE SOUP. * exaggerates in disgust*

so for the past few days i have been living on, ice cream, fried food and kfc. when i come back i`ll be obese. grr, and shopping was unsuccessful. Went to gurney plaza, why is it that everything on display look so.. GOOD? and when you try it on its so shitty?? you see it hanging on a mannequin and your thinking * that really looks nice * and when you try it on your thinking * WHY WHY !?GOD WHYYYYY!??!?!?!??!* ugly. i tried on at least 20.

AND i have not seen any hot ang moh pple yet. another disaster. well hopefully i`ll meet some soon. i`ve only met geeky locals. that are geeky. really.
And i`m going out for dinner tonight. hopefully it`s going to be good :D

usually i would have a hundered pictures to talk about, BUT believe it or not, i have not snapped a SINGLE picta yet. EITHER, i`m getting fed up with my sonyT or i`m just to lazy carrying my cam everywhere with the fear of it getting stolen/scratched/dirtied/spoiled/broken ._.

right now i`m at this place called cool banana`s. BIG BIG LOL .___. and it`s a big big rip off. i`m using the Internet connection here. everything here is over charged. rm 10 for half an hour of internet!? WHO ON EARTH WOULD BE SO STUPID TO PAY THAT MUCH AMOUNT OF MONEY!!? .... oh wait, that would be me .___. but i paid rm 20! for an hour. now i feel so ripped off when i think about. WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!? *thrashes head onto table*
and when your done they give you this really pubo face; your time... is UPPPP.. YA HEAR ME!?
it`s random but i just want to go and let little fish eat my feet. it`s so cool._.

right now i`m addicted to one of the facebook apps. friends for sale. so addictive, but darn, everyone keeps buying all my pets away. so i`m forced to keep buying em back. GERAMM. Okay. I`m going to go buy my friends now..
SLAVERY.. they will be my slaves!!
... ha
*chokes.coughs* ._.
*laughs maniacally*
i will rape you.
ok. enough

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