Saturday, May 30, 2009

our performance was over. . In a matter of minutes, countless practices, hours poured into that 3 minute dance. All over.
Our make up was messed up and faded. The layers of cosmetics we applied. Whoa. My skin feels so intoxicated as it was soaked into layers and layers of chemicals. Nasty.
Darren had a face full of pimples today. He learned it the hard way that his skin was allergic to markers that had to be drawn onto his face. :P

We were tired. But we savoured, the three minutes of 'fame' that we had on stage. :) i couldn't see much of the audience as the brightly coloured spotlights struck me with their lights. So i was a blind dancing spanish chick. In a black and red dress. Anyways. I'll blog soon. There's too much crap to blog about. Nights.

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