Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie night

so Sams came over on friday night
it was so EPIC!! :D
I have to admit the whole day was i was super rushed
I had math tuition and rehearsal and MOVIE NIGHT. hosted by the interact club
when i told my mom "can i go to movie night with Sams to watch monster vs aliens?"
my mom scolded me
"YOU AHH. afraid of ghosts STILL want to watch monster movie!"
Me: but its a cartoon!! and its about cartoon monsters fighting with cool outer space aliens that are going to invade earth and vaporize us all!!
Anyways i saw loads of lodgians there too.Most i didn't recognize.. or either that they looked really different :D

Half way during the movie my phone rang. HOMG. I was so bloody paiseh. if it makes it worse it was when the entire movie/ cinema was SILENT. and i was rummaging through my entire hand bad to find that bloody phone.

I love bob, He`s a huge blob of INDESTRUCTIBLE gooey carbonated substance


This is yet my favourite line from him

"Guys i may not have a brain but i have a plan"

And sams brought this movie so we could watch it when she slept over.

THE MOVIE IS AWWWEESOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEE. Its a bunch of stories combined into one movie.. The whole time sam was like : WHY??? WHY IS HE NOT CALLING?? IS HE JUST NOT THAT INTO ME!?!?!?"

The next movie sam and i want to watch

You know what i really want to do? During the holidays i would love to go to the cinema at 10 in the morning till 1 at night watching MOVIE AFTER MOVIE. It'll be like

" ooh, movie`s finished. TO THE TICKET COUNTER!!!"

That would be so. amazing. Anyways, I must go upload the pictures of sam and i. :D

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