Saturday, May 23, 2009


FYI you guys. I just wanna say, CONGRATULATIONS. to;
JJ [jia jun], serena, bren, syaf, jacques, darren, ming hyuk, janna and me :D. I think i covered everyone right? im pretty blur now. for succeding in our music project!! We practiced for DAYS. or WEEKS. to perfect the mere 3 minutes of dancing / singing to 'aint no other man' by christina aguilera. The song is practically stuck in my head.. nooooo!

I must say, it wasnt easy, thoes late nights and frustrating moments where i just felt like yanking of all my hair. it wasnt easy. But im happy to say we pulled through, and SO FAR have most probably performed the best. take that beetches. you guys are awesome. [ although i expected higher marks teacher was stingy] At the last minute we were all freaking out and some people felt as if it wasnt perfect and wanted to postpone it to next week,

BUT if we did, we 5 marks would be cut of. THATS A LOOOT!! we just did it. as nike says
So to you guys.
and me
Its a smiling thong. To show how happy we didnt have an epic fail while performing.

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