Sunday, May 31, 2009

This year, we performed a spanish dance ( diana, manda, meline, syaf, melissa, jen kueen, sammie, jenny, amy, mica and other peeps) I KNOW. Its nothing special or interesting, BUT WE PUT A LOT OF EFFORT INTO THAT DANCE.I guess that the only bad thing about the dance was that we all had to go mapak. [balddie] It wasnt a pretty sight.
Miss Sharon, the stressed oneMessy noisy and chaotic at the same time
BalddiesWater bottles :6
Air Kisses!
Big eyes
Syaf, the glowing one
And sam, the little cutie pumpkin pie who`s trying to steal food
There`s nothing much to say about this year,
probably cause it wasnt that interesting as last years. or maybe its just me.

P/s: sam we have to go out and blingify our nails, :D but probably not the first few days of hols cause all the shops are closed -.- stupid gawai holidays

One year

I`ve just realized something
This month is the month where i hit the one year!
I`ve been blogging for one year!!

From something i created simply because i was bored
had evolved it to something
i just cant live without
an addiction
a commitment

I should do 'the history of my blog' soon :D


I was eating dinner.
And just as i pored myself a glass of 100plus.
I accidently slushed the enitre glass onto my plate. OF RICE.

happy birthday; to simon.
My dear friend.
I can still remember yesterday, I was going to give you your birthday present. BUT I BROUGHT THE WRONG BOX, and i had only realized it when i showed it to sam

Me: Sam , sam, look what i bought for Simon!

* Flicks of box cover *

Sam: Stares blankly

Kim. its empty

Me: What!?

Sam: Your giving him an empty box for his birthday!?

savour the moments while you still can*
casue you'll only get to be sixteen once


I will be strong,
I will not cry
but its making me weep

-Barbara Mandell ; superwoman


Well i`m all fresh and winkley dinkley now. :)

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog
Starting time : 5:50pm [OMG one minute before sam! :D ]
Name : Kimberly Lo Kim Pin. [go ahead,laugh]

Sisters :three
Brothers : one. and thats a big mucho.
Shoe size : 8 and a half. big fooooot.
Height : not sure. but i do know im taller than sam :)

Where do you live : Somewhere over the rainbow

Favourite drinks : Water. The essence of life :D
Favourite breakfast : Fatty foooooodd

Have you ever been on a plane : d`oh

swam in the ocean: huh? nope never
sleep in school : Not really
Broken someone's heart : Maybeh?
Fell off your chair : It was humiliating :6
Sat by the phone and waiting for someone to call : yesh.many
What is your room like : PINK
What's right beside you : Math homework, radio, handphone, lamp, FOOD
What is the last thing you ate : Jambu. NYUM :9
Ever had ;
Chicken pox : Nope. i know, its weird
Sore throat : all the time. it sucks
Stitches : yeah. unfortunately
Broken nose : nope
Do you ;
Believe in love at first sight : Yes. definitely. even though most peeps don`t
Like picnics : YEAH YEAH YEAH. romantic or fun or just plain nice =)
Who was, were the last person ;
you danced with : ....
Last made you smile : Sam!
You last yelled at : I cant remember.

Today did you ;
Talk to someone you like : nawp
Kissed anyone : nawp
Get sick : nawp
Talk to an ex : nawp
Miss someone : MUCHO
Eat : YES. and im still hungry.

Best feeling in the world : That relieved feeling when everything just falls into place and everything's perfect, your happy, your enjoying life, and your taking verything at one step at a time :)
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : A WHOLE BUNCH OF EM
What's under your bed : Dust bunnies
Who do you really hate : No one
What time is it now : 6:00 ( 2 monutes later than sam poo
5 things i was doing 10 years ago
1. Eating
2. Having fun
3. breathing
4. watching tv 20 hours a day ( the remaining 4 hours : 3 hours left to eat and 1 hour to sleep)
5. being small. very very small.
5 things on my to-do list today
1. sleep
2. watch youtube videos
3. eat
4. read other peeps blog
5. Finish my blog posts
5 snacks i enjoy
1. M&NS

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire(oh boy do i have a list..)
I wil dominate all the juicy cotoure and louis vuitton branches all over the world.AND I CAN CAUSE IM RICH.
5 of my bad habits
. 1.sometimes i look asif im not listening but.. actually i am, i just look naturally blur
2. I talk to myself. Like, 'snap out of it Kim, CONCENTRATE BEESH!
3. I get a little too possesive at times
4. I would consider myself a very jealous person
5. Sometimes when i talk it just comes out and it doesnt filter through my brain first.
5 places i have lived in
1. here.
2. here
3. here
4. here
5 people i'm tagging is
1. melissa
2. tracy
3. jasmine
4. aric
5. angeline

Saturday, May 30, 2009

our performance was over. . In a matter of minutes, countless practices, hours poured into that 3 minute dance. All over.
Our make up was messed up and faded. The layers of cosmetics we applied. Whoa. My skin feels so intoxicated as it was soaked into layers and layers of chemicals. Nasty.
Darren had a face full of pimples today. He learned it the hard way that his skin was allergic to markers that had to be drawn onto his face. :P

We were tired. But we savoured, the three minutes of 'fame' that we had on stage. :) i couldn't see much of the audience as the brightly coloured spotlights struck me with their lights. So i was a blind dancing spanish chick. In a black and red dress. Anyways. I'll blog soon. There's too much crap to blog about. Nights.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i will stand

just something. I felt i needed to write it out. To you . Beetch.

i will stand
you can sneer
you may jeer
but let me tell you i no longer fear

at the begining your words made me tear.
But now i have decided i do not want to hear

i dont want to hide behind a shadow.
I've sent all my fears to the gallows

there i stand
staying strong
unguilty as i have done no wrong
and i will stand
simply because i can.

i am in pain.
Thats right.
From far i bet i look like a crushed bug, sprawled onto the floor, with its legs all bent into abnormal angles.

With every movement i take
delivers pain on my body.
Thats why.
I hate. P.e assessment. When you have to run. For 12 minutes straight. For unfit people like me. Thats torture, and it probably is for fit people . :P
How delightful.
say it again. For me. Cause i love the way it feels when you are telling me that i, i'm the only one that blows your mind.

Say it again for me . Its like the whole world stops to listen when you tell me your in love

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Wow. today passed by really fast

or maybe its because i`ve been asleep the entire day.

That sam and i weren't best friends anymore. and ass face was the size of my house. Whoa. monster vs aliens overload. and that i missed the bus for p.e. HOMG.

While i was asleep for 4 hours, the world passed by me


the vahjayjay

and i was sleeping!!! COMMUNITY CHANNEL VIDEO`s COME TO ME.

Well, its late and i have to go to sleep, i might as well be in hibernation


boy you've got me

gone going. <3

Something every girl needs when their suffering from a heart break

Something every girl needs when she`s suffering from a heart break.
Hello kitty pajayjay`s [ pajamas] to soak all the tears in to it
amazing shiz. To take your mind of it.

Chocolate. and lots of it, so that you`ll eat so much of it, you get so obese and you`ll stop worrying about him, you`ll start worrying about your weight.

a sign that he still cares..


Tagged by felixson sawing :)
Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People .(but don't say their name)
1. I think your pretty hot
2. Your a bitch.
3. You can get on my nerves every once in a while
4. Stop telling me your fat
6. I`ll always be there for you
7. I wish you weren`t so smart
8. If only you were merciful enough to be more lenient on me
9. How can you consider her your friend?
10. I miss you, Mr. perfect.
Nine things about myself :
1. I try my best in math, and i think i may be getting somewhere.
2. I`m like a durian. I may seem as if i dont care as i am prickly on the outside but i`m actually really soft and squishy
3. Sometimes all i want to do is eat and sleep, that completes life for me
4. I get annoyed when life gets in the way
5. I feel sad when things aren`t perfect, i am competitive.
6. bossy people are annoying, i try not to be one of them.
7. I have a bad habit of putting " done by" on my projects and putting my name first. sorry guys xD
8. I love writing. and loads of other shiz.
9. And I dislike people who are like leeches, that suck on my ideas and use them as their own.
Eight ways to win my heart :
1. You`ve got to be at least a little decent looking :)
2. Don't be shy, talk to me.
3. Don't be too cliche
4. Someone that cleans the toilet,and leaves the seat down
5. A man that can cook. now thats a real man
6. understanding, sont hurt
7. You can make me smile, try to do something that`ll make me proud of you. :9
8. not afraid to tell me how they feel
Seven things that cross my mind a lot :
1. My future.
2. College.
3. Shopping
4. Movies
5. France
6. Things that i shouldnt mention here or i'll seem like an over confident anus. :9
7. Parties.

Six things I do before I fall asleep :

1. Go to the toilet
2. Do toilet stuff. Brush teeth and was face
3. On the air con
4. eat grapes
5. Look at the fan
6. Sleep in the sleeping kim position. which is seriosly weird and to complicated to describe,

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
1. Obama
2. Sophie kinsella, reese witherspoon and anne hathaway :)
3. tracy & bren. i miss them a lot all of a sudden
4. Sams
5. every single person ive ever met. thats changed me in ways i couldnt myself. [copywrighted from sam :9 ]
Four things your wearing right now
:1. Undies
2. glasses
3. a bored :/
4. Sleep clothing :9
Two things you want to do before you die :
1. To do every crazy thing that i havent done [i'll probably make a list]
2. go to africa . lol.
One confession :1. *related to first question* i think your pretty hot
Its you. the guy who wears the shirt that makes your body look hott.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sleepover with sam

So Sams slept over at my place on Friday. Let me tell you, It was the fun-est thing that happened to me for ages!! cause. i`ve been living underneath a rock so yeaa. studying. First we had our Musical evening rehearsal then she came home with me and we got ready for the Interact movie night thing. THEN, when all the monster vs alien stuff was done. SCOOPS. we headed over to scoops. ICECREAM :D

I love her :) [SCOOPS]
It was nothing much, the entire night we spent talking to each other, you know even though its just talking its heck load of fun cause she's the best listener in the world. oh yeah, and the greatest talker. :D

HOMG. i woke up at 4 am in the morning cause it was so bloody cold. After i took a bath and everything i had to wake sam up. which was next to impossible as she slowly crawled out of bed. :)Muahaha. and had chicken pie for breakfastNerd kisses. :X LOVESS*
After my math tuition ( sam just stayed in my room and played with my shoes while i was have math) We finished up the movie "he`s just not that into you"
HOMGG. the entire movie was so true. I kept on telling sam that she was one of the girls who kept on saying " WHY ISN'T HE CALLING, WHY GOD WHY!!?"
Go watch it, it really is a good movie
PPPSH. sam was my model for the day. she was so pretty with her poofy thick hair and shiz. I LOVE IT. I WANT HER HAIR. and her EYES. they're so freaking HUGE. O.O
PPSHH. the photorapher is awesom. COUGHS HINTS :D


The most adorable cookie in the world
Best friends <3>
The cam whore.
I love yoo sam
Goodnight. My mom is nagging me now.

Rich bitch

You know, sometimes when i feel sad/ emotional/ or estatic I guess i like to write. cause its cool
its what COOL PEOPLE DO. PPPPSSHHHHH. [sacrasam]

Rich bitch

Sometimes i feel like i want to run away
be engulfed into my thoughts thats where i`ll stay

Sometimes i feel i dont know what`s life all about
its about the rich kids who own branded shiz and pout

Its about the rich rich kids isnt it? that kid
you know. the one with the double eye lid?

Yea thats the girl
the one wearing pearls

You know, she thinks she`s so great
But she sucks and thats fate

Sometimes i cant stand that bitch
She`s got the characteristics of a witch

You know, she`s fed with a silver spoon
no doubt her ass is as big as the moon.

So yea. Rich spoiled bitch who thinks everything revolves around her. go burn in hell


FYI you guys. I just wanna say, CONGRATULATIONS. to;
JJ [jia jun], serena, bren, syaf, jacques, darren, ming hyuk, janna and me :D. I think i covered everyone right? im pretty blur now. for succeding in our music project!! We practiced for DAYS. or WEEKS. to perfect the mere 3 minutes of dancing / singing to 'aint no other man' by christina aguilera. The song is practically stuck in my head.. nooooo!

I must say, it wasnt easy, thoes late nights and frustrating moments where i just felt like yanking of all my hair. it wasnt easy. But im happy to say we pulled through, and SO FAR have most probably performed the best. take that beetches. you guys are awesome. [ although i expected higher marks teacher was stingy] At the last minute we were all freaking out and some people felt as if it wasnt perfect and wanted to postpone it to next week,

BUT if we did, we 5 marks would be cut of. THATS A LOOOT!! we just did it. as nike says
So to you guys.
and me
Its a smiling thong. To show how happy we didnt have an epic fail while performing.

Movie night

so Sams came over on friday night
it was so EPIC!! :D
I have to admit the whole day was i was super rushed
I had math tuition and rehearsal and MOVIE NIGHT. hosted by the interact club
when i told my mom "can i go to movie night with Sams to watch monster vs aliens?"
my mom scolded me
"YOU AHH. afraid of ghosts STILL want to watch monster movie!"
Me: but its a cartoon!! and its about cartoon monsters fighting with cool outer space aliens that are going to invade earth and vaporize us all!!
Anyways i saw loads of lodgians there too.Most i didn't recognize.. or either that they looked really different :D

Half way during the movie my phone rang. HOMG. I was so bloody paiseh. if it makes it worse it was when the entire movie/ cinema was SILENT. and i was rummaging through my entire hand bad to find that bloody phone.

I love bob, He`s a huge blob of INDESTRUCTIBLE gooey carbonated substance


This is yet my favourite line from him

"Guys i may not have a brain but i have a plan"

And sams brought this movie so we could watch it when she slept over.

THE MOVIE IS AWWWEESOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEE. Its a bunch of stories combined into one movie.. The whole time sam was like : WHY??? WHY IS HE NOT CALLING?? IS HE JUST NOT THAT INTO ME!?!?!?"

The next movie sam and i want to watch

You know what i really want to do? During the holidays i would love to go to the cinema at 10 in the morning till 1 at night watching MOVIE AFTER MOVIE. It'll be like

" ooh, movie`s finished. TO THE TICKET COUNTER!!!"

That would be so. amazing. Anyways, I must go upload the pictures of sam and i. :D


I have a splitting headache from math
I dont know why
I think its genetic
but recently i am more than proud to say that i have seen the light
I dont go 'huh' when i do math anymore
i may still suck at it
but at least im not clueless
or AM I?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just something that's been hanging around my mind, so i`ve decided tow rite it out. yes i know its random. shut up xd


have you ever
felt as if you could not believe in anyone
That everything no longer seems fun?

have you ever
felt like you just needed a break
something you`ve been longing to take?

have you ever
felt as if you needed to slow down
and stop fooling around like a clown?

have you ever
felt so sick of everything
wished you could fly away by growing wings?

have you ever
felt like want to find love
but you know you have to first settle all the "have you ever`s" above.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


In I.t class now. Targeted.
Long face.


SOOOO. after weeks of procrasinating, i`ve finally got my shoes for the spanish dance, probably cause i cant take teacher telling me i cant dance in wedges. :D

HOMG. well, i find them pretty.Book time. Till then, I bought a whole load of books for me to read, reading is not nerdy okay! ITS COOL. only COOL people read.. like ppssh. RIGHT SAM :D??

Shhhh :D
I love my shoes

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fashion Show + Teachers Day

So for this year, we had a Fashion Show performance. ( basically its just a group of people walking up and down the aisle doing awesome poses :D ) i have to admit, it took a lot of work and a lot of skipping classes but it was so worth it!! The entire crowd was screaming ;D

I love her so much :)Sam getting ready. Rainbow eyes!!
Me & amy. ( or amy and i whatever ) on the way to school i was thinking about amy`s really nice black heels,... then a thought suddenly struck my head. SHIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. i forgot to bring my OWN shoes!!! AGGGGHHHHHH. i had to make my dad turn back s i could get my super tall shoes !!Amanda, Melissa, Dora, Me (thanks dora for the make up help :D)
Dora and clare thanks for the hugeeee help! :D
Melissa and i. I love her sweater. Its the most amazing thing you have ever seen. COLORSS!!
The star of the show ; ROSALIE. the cutie paired up with Anderson. I could see everyone`s face going "awwwww"Melissa and I :DBoobylava!! She was so bloody beautiful during the show. with her little black dress and everything xD

Group picta!! ( rosalie`s so cute biting her lollipop)
Everyone told me they had no idea where i wasIM HERE!! YOU SEE???? HERE HERE HERE!! That tiny little unidentifeid speck of pixel THERE!!! *groans*

Other than that
IT WAS TEACHERS DAY. everyone from other classes were doing fooooon things like LIMBO and shiz. But my class were playing cards. I MEAN EVERYONE. we should al gather in a circle and hold hands and sing!! Okay nevermind bad idea.

Bigass eyed donovanGabriel kept smiling. and drinking my drinks -.-Smiling wedgie
Unappy short personThats all we did suppose. the food came late and i felt so stuffed!!!!

The perfect way to end this post. Two little boys which are the cutest things in the WORLD!!!
SO CUTEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Especially daniel, who has older girls falling head over heels for him. and he`s only 9. cute kid. I`ve got more pictures!! READY??



p/s: it was my little twin sister`s 9th bdae today (16th may) do you know how loud a mass of little scrambling children are!?