Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When i get married..

My results were horrible.
i think i get might get a 79 for my average, thats a freaking disappointment. i got a few B's for what i wasnt supposed to get. AGGGH. I GOT A B FOR ENGLISH. shall never write out of topicagain. i hate Abraham Lincoln!!!! i feel like tearing out my hair. But its okay. We shall do better next term RIGHT JANE? :D and kill serena. Cause' she's the bulwark againts us getting top. hmpft.

When i get married.

1) im not going to have a disgusting cake that people always give out when they get married . like the fruit cake i always get. The only usage for that is for throwing it a beetches okay.

Look at THIS. its DISGUSTING. i found it on the net and i just had to post it up. ITS LIKE THE MOST GROTESQUE SPOOL OF CRAP I HAVE EVER SEEN AND ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAKE. it looks like someone chocked on bubblegum and swallowed a glass of pink paint coloured water , forced down a bowl of porridge, vomited it all out and left it there for a few weeks. Tadah, you get this accumulation of sluggish like liquid. Thats a cake. shit, i think im going to puke.

No, its going to be something like this, a tiered cake, dressed in creamy layers and LAYERS of WHITE&GOLD chocolate, sweet , fluffy and light on the inside, with a hint of ripened banana flavourings ( and mind you the banana's would probably be imported from the tropics!) with a river of carved creamed roses running down the cake.

A 1.6 million dollar ed diamante fruit cake. Encrusted with diamonds and lined with pearls. yea. the day i'll be able to afford it is the day i turn 80.

This is so sweet, but i dont think it would taste nice. looks to tasteless.

This is a confirmation of yummyness!

Okay. either i want this or the first one. a glass cake, yea, i know i wont be able to eat it , its pretty stupid but think of it this way! I'll gte to look at it everyday and i'll probably get it framed up and stick it into my bedroom, i can kiss it goodnight before i sleep. And it'll cut me a lot of slack from exercising.

The perfect topping.To the perfect diamond ring. 24 karats. <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_10">doesnt suit me though I prefer skinnier bands. but more diamonds. shinyyy
Muahahha. my kitty cat ring.

All i have to do now is find an eligible bachelor to marry me :D

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