Friday, April 24, 2009

Sri matang trip [2009]

SRI MATANG FIELD TRIP. at first i was kinda lazy to blog about it but then i kept looking at the pictures at found it such a sheer waste after all, the pictures i took did look kinda nice. Ont he way to Sri Matang i was thinking . OH SHIZ. WHY WHY WHY DID I EVER THINK OF GOING ON TO THIS TRIP!? aside from that my handphone was dea and i forgot to bring my ipod. i could bet then that it was going to be the most boring 7 hours of my life. OKAY FINE. i was wrong. maybe i was just unenthuiastic cause syaf didnt want to go. BUT IT WAS MUCHOOS FUN. except that when i got home i realized i had a sunburnt fore head. wtf
Anyways, Sri matang is quite a nice place. Its kind of isolated and we spent our 7 hours fooling around in the pool, then going to the stream, then the swings where we dried off then we jumped back into the pool. Just repeating the same sequence like 10 times. lol! The stream at sri matang was amazing. It was so pretty, but it was assin difficult to walk around ause there were so many stones, and all the stones had this layer of fungus on them which made it so slippery to walk on. I fell down about a 1000 and 1 times. And i broke my toe nail :(

So.. LOTSA photo's of the stream.
Gabriel stalking amanda.

Us. :D
Us again. NYUM. Mica feeding me cheerios

I look lost. Candid XD
Donovan. Candid's.
Haha. i forgot who came up to me to tell me he had found a snake bone. then i touched it. Yuck la. it was like hard and pointy. So weird.

Oh. we had this egg thing where Mr Jonothan brought a box of uncooked eggs. then we started throwing it at each other trying to catch it. Wtf, i must have broken at least 6. Muaha. Jiajun scolded me . He was like " heyyy. you know.. people in africa are starving.. we shouldnt waste food guyss"
My hand smelled like a freaking rotten egg for the rest of the day cause the eggs kept on breaking when it hit my hand. wth so disgusting la. i washed it a million times but the smell still stayed -.-
Angelo's body shape. and darren squeezed an egg into his eye. meehh -.-

This was the park that serena and i came back too for about 10 times when we wanted to feel dry.
AmiesAmandaaMe. Swing swingThe pool. all the girls were reluctant to get in at first. They said that the pool had been filled with mountain spring water. LOL. after everyone swam in it the water as like sai.

Love in the pool. HUGSYea i know i look pretty fugly with my face so bare.Laugh. hmmpft.

Gabriel can touch his nose with his tounge, yuck la gabrielTrying to hitch a ride when our bus didnt seem to be coming :) doesnt want us anymore.Our bus came right on time. f it came a second later we would all have been drenched cause it sarted puring like crazy

Goodbye sri matang :)

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