Saturday, April 18, 2009

new header

Rushed post. AGGH
mostly photoshopping today, photoshopping my header to see which looks the best. finally i decided to go photoshop a pair of eyes i cropped out and added on lots of eyeshadow. to well, make it look more. "cool" yea, cause you see, i wanna fit in to the coolness,im talking to syaf now, gosh, missed her so much, did you know, i didnt even know that she went to singapore. i thought it was next week and i was so confused wy she didnt come to school. wth im so blur.

See? good and evil. BEESH. yea it looks pretty scary. eff you.
Today my friend told me something funny, im just wondering if you all have ever done this or is he the only one in the entire world who has this sort of imagination.

when he was young, he used to thik that he was the only human on earth, that everyone else were robots, his friends, teachers parents and they were all programed to hate/ love/like him. like everything was made for him, trees , birds, skies, blah blah blah. until in form one.. when he found out that.. he wasnt the only human being and his parents aint robots.. their humans too.. homo sapiens.. get it! :D

OI. VERY FUNNY LA. i find it so cute.

When I WAS YOUNG. i used to think that my mother isint really my mother and that one day, when grow old i will have my super powers delivered to me, and i wont have to look for a job, CAUSE, i'll have super powers, until my faith started fading in that when it..never really..came.. damn. shit. well this is a really rushed post cause i havent been getting enough sleep these few days. im addicted to youtube and Jeff the puppet comedian, he is absolutely hilarious.

Sunnies and bags i saw at crown square
I went to Mr hs to eat. wtf the food was so disgusting. and ! you know, tolday i could hae gone to diana's house. i wanted to go. GAH. i miss her too. infact i miss her everyday. well she calls me a pretentious cow and i call her little miss bitch. BUT STILL. muahahahahahaha. anyways, i'll update tomorrow. I live in the bikini bottom.

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