Saturday, April 25, 2009

I hate mornings

Well my morning has turned out pretty horrible already
1) Getting up
I hate , i despise getting up everyday. All i want is to over sleep and when i wake up, i`ll actually feel like i want to, but everymorning i wake up to the friendly screaming voice of my mom, trying to kick me out of bed.
2) Thirsty
I hate this feeling. when you wake up in the morning your throat`s as dry as the Sahara Desert, and you don`t have a cup of water beside you, so you have to go all the way down to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of water, and when you`ve already drank water you cant fall back to slumber land. And usually i`ll get a glass of water before i go to bed but sometimes i go to bed late and then its really dark downstairs so i dont dare to go down.
3) Nose
AGH. my nose is always always always stuffed when i get up. Its like *snerrk* and i cant breathe through my nose. snerk."mayy-e nogse"
4) Facebook
I really tried.I did. I TRIED TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY WITH THESE CONFUSING FACEBOOK APPS!! But I have not a single idea how! It was all fine, they asked me to register and stuff. i confirmed my email, then i chose to be a Roman. Then this dude asked me to get more woodworkers because my village main export is wood. BUT HOW DO I DO THAT!? WHERE ARE ALL THE BLOODY WOODWORKERS!?!?!?!? DO I HAVE TO FIND YOU PEOPLE!? ITS MY VILLAGE GODDAMMIT YOU BLOODY COME TO ME OR AT LEAST MAKE YOURSELVES EASY TO FIND!!
5) Math
That was the first thing i quarreled with my mom this morning. I DONT WANT TO DO A FULL SET OF KUMON [math] I suck at math, i know, i cant handle it, it turns me off everytime i have to look at equations and all this shiz. I dont get along with my mom very well i suppose ._. And for all you retards out there who keep telling me that math is alive, math is endless, ITS FREAKING NOT ALIVE. DOES IT HAVE A HEART?DOES IT BEAT? DOES IT INHAEL OXYGEN? Noo. its formed by pen ink! And it only reproduces into more qustions i keep getting everyday, i swear sooner or later i aint gonna have anymore hair left on my scalp.
Mornings just arent my thing. If I were God then i would nights come first. Cause night time is partying time, so once you wake up you go partying, and when afternoon time comes and its school time, you could just tell teacher that you`ve been partying all night. And the teacher will be like " well, me too"
Lol. i dont think i`m myself right now. *Dizzyy*
I really should get my ass up and start practicing the piano, and finishing my math, and my other gazillion stacks of projects, homework.

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