Saturday, April 25, 2009


I`m in the middle of changing my blog skin now,
and I always get nto such a huge crisis at the about me section because i have no idea what to write!! And im pretty much sick of looking at the same background everday, i think i`m going to through up pretty soon [and im sure you are too] so do bear with me for a little while longer while i fix this.I hate looking at these codes,i swear everytime i lay my eyes on it my brain shuts down. but I MUST DO IT. if i look at the previous skin one more time i`m going to go into a coma.

i`m so frustrated now. I deleted all my lnks, you know how many links i have?? A LOT. and i cant remember them all, so, i`m going to try and relink everyone, i`m really sorry if i missed you out. OI . you cant blame me, i have SHORT TERM MEMORY. i can only remember thoes who visit my blog frequently, so, if i`ve left you out and you want me to link you just let me know.


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