Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friendstaa & Facebook

What happend to the good ol days when friendster was all the rage?
Now it looks like its been deserted by all its former members.
I remember when I was 13 [2 years ago] friendster the in thing, guess not man people knew about facebookor found it appealing, and now, everybodyhas joined facebook, which is now the newest thing. i guess. well its not really new but everone's so into it. I made a lot f friends on friendster and i got to know a lot of people whom i wouldn't have known if i never used friendster. I could play with it for hours everyday [ i know its not as fun as facebook] The streotype for Fster is that its loaded with ah lien & ah beng`s who have incredibly annoying broken english, and the only thing people do on friendster see who has the most friends and the most comments. So all day long, people who log onto fster just add more friends and write meaningless coments to each other.

Now instead of people asking;
" HarLorHxX. Euu got play FriEndStaa mA~~? If got Then AdDz me HorhXx.
MuAkSs. Miss Euu. LurVe Euu`s ^^ THx 4 d Add OrhXx. LeaVe Me CoMmeNts Ya! (^(oo)^)
QQ Mei mEiXx"

Seriously , that tends to get rather annoying
Now people say
" who uses friendster when there's facebook?"

Okay i admit, that was me 2 years ago, i loved getting friend requests from random people and it was kind of like a competition to have the most comments. until i found it completely pointless. My page was filled with useless comments from spammers whom i dont even know, just to
increase thenumber of comments.and a few months ago i gave up on friendster and stopped logging on [ i found out that almost everyone has] and instead, joined facebook.

Facebook was confusing at first [and i still have no shitting idea how to use the applications] but i can say that it is more unique and creative than Fster. But there are a thing or too that i miss about Fster, is that, you can actually choose and personalize your background in Friendster. Where else n facebook you have to glue your eyes to that ugly ugly blue and white layout, and i guess it was less formal, you can type whatever shit you want. so i`ve decided that now, i`m going to continue using friendster, eventhough you people dont use it and its fertile for me to join when none of my friends use Friendstaa any more, but still. i shall then make friends with people who use friendster. :)

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