Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crappy day

SO MANY PROJECTS. so much workk.. woooorrrkkkk!!
I feel sick

History project
ICT project
Geography project
Musc presentation
Bm project

And as usual we had our essay competition today, yup i screwed up. The title was "my strange encounter with the 3rd kind" AGH. thats so hard to write. okay maybe just for me i guess. for others it should be a snitch. SERENA! are you in their group or ours!? COULD YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! *SCREAMS AT SERENA*

Syaf and i are really clueless on what to do for Music.
i want to do "killing me softly" but syaf says its so emoooo
And she wants to do "she works hard for the money!"

GRRRRR. or we could do something else.. i dont know!! AGGH.stop sending me all these viruses on MSN!! ITS ANNOYING. i feel like blocking these peeps. & i`m going to Penang on Thursday night.I wish i didn`t have to go. orrrr. i could have gone out and celebrated Bren`s birthday. I know i know, its the third year i`ve missed it. But we will go and celebrate againg right Tracy?? LOL. and i could have gone to play with d.b.s.k but yea. *heaves sigh* grr,

okay. go finish project.

ANNND. i`m mad now. cause my com`s been repaired and my photoscape had disappeared. WTH. But the good side is everything seems to have upgraded , eg: photoshop cs4. i havent had the time to play with it yet, but i think i shall now. muahahhahah,

p/s: jason i know you occasionallyread my blog, and i want to slap you. you know why! GRRR.

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