Friday, April 17, 2009


Face the wrath of my nerdnyess, Nyahah.
I hate biased teachers. I absolutely loathe them. Biosity. whatever. and my mom is biased too. has the whole world gone fucking biased?!? My results were really horrible this term, i got 2 B's out of my A's. which is really stupid cause i got all A's for them last term and i have one ugly C for math and now i have a horrible average

my teacher is fuckin biased. For some reason i am not her personal favourite . like i give a shit. i worked really hard on a project and it has pretty lacy frills and colours and roses. and i got really low marks, casue of small details i didnt add. then i compared it to my friend and whined like a spoiled bitch and complained endlessly, but my teacher chose to ignore me. Obviously, not wanting me to get mre marks. aggh. or either that im too stresse now over everything. about mymother , as usual, my school, my everything. EVERYTHING IS EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!! MCB.

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