Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Happy birthday brenda!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCHHH. My twinnie. :) okay fine, we don really loom alike, but i know if i cut my hair WE WILL. Yea. and i`m sorry i`m missing your birthday for the 3rd year. GAH. is just that i also go somewhere else whenever its your b`dae. :(
Anyways. PICTURES. or. MEMORIES. there are about 1000000 more pictures but i cant upload all of them or this computer will crash and burnnnn. SO.



cause were lame. :)

Until the end of time
Remember our one night STANDS? REMEMBAAAAA!? :D
we had more than a threesome
HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY. And our 3 year friendship will last TILL THE END.
Best friends forever. :D
I`ll be at the beach.
Missing you
and tracy

Crappy day

SO MANY PROJECTS. so much workk.. woooorrrkkkk!!
I feel sick

History project
ICT project
Geography project
Musc presentation
Bm project

And as usual we had our essay competition today, yup i screwed up. The title was "my strange encounter with the 3rd kind" AGH. thats so hard to write. okay maybe just for me i guess. for others it should be a snitch. SERENA! are you in their group or ours!? COULD YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! *SCREAMS AT SERENA*

Syaf and i are really clueless on what to do for Music.
i want to do "killing me softly" but syaf says its so emoooo
And she wants to do "she works hard for the money!"

GRRRRR. or we could do something else.. i dont know!! AGGH.stop sending me all these viruses on MSN!! ITS ANNOYING. i feel like blocking these peeps. & i`m going to Penang on Thursday night.I wish i didn`t have to go. orrrr. i could have gone out and celebrated Bren`s birthday. I know i know, its the third year i`ve missed it. But we will go and celebrate againg right Tracy?? LOL. and i could have gone to play with d.b.s.k but yea. *heaves sigh* grr,

okay. go finish project.

ANNND. i`m mad now. cause my com`s been repaired and my photoscape had disappeared. WTH. But the good side is everything seems to have upgraded , eg: photoshop cs4. i havent had the time to play with it yet, but i think i shall now. muahahhahah,

p/s: jason i know you occasionallyread my blog, and i want to slap you. you know why! GRRR.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Kimberly Lo

2.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal)

3.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
THE YELLOW LYCHEE! [dumdadadumdada! The yellow lychee to the rescue!!]

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name
LOPKI! [the new Yeti]

5. FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

6.STREET NAME:(fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie)
Chocolate shapes. [or is shapes a biscuit?]

7.Gangsta NAME:(first 3 letters of first name plus 'izzle')
Kimizzle. [WHOA. yo kimizzle.the shizzle. wth]

8.YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets)
blackchuchu. [chuchu is my turtle`s name. actually it`s MR.CHUCHU]

9.STRIPPER NAME: (name of your fav perfume/cologne, fav candy)
I shall now have my stripper name as..



Saturday, April 25, 2009

I hate mornings

Well my morning has turned out pretty horrible already
1) Getting up
I hate , i despise getting up everyday. All i want is to over sleep and when i wake up, i`ll actually feel like i want to, but everymorning i wake up to the friendly screaming voice of my mom, trying to kick me out of bed.
2) Thirsty
I hate this feeling. when you wake up in the morning your throat`s as dry as the Sahara Desert, and you don`t have a cup of water beside you, so you have to go all the way down to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of water, and when you`ve already drank water you cant fall back to slumber land. And usually i`ll get a glass of water before i go to bed but sometimes i go to bed late and then its really dark downstairs so i dont dare to go down.
3) Nose
AGH. my nose is always always always stuffed when i get up. Its like *snerrk* and i cant breathe through my nose. snerk."mayy-e nogse"
4) Facebook
I really tried.I did. I TRIED TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY WITH THESE CONFUSING FACEBOOK APPS!! But I have not a single idea how! It was all fine, they asked me to register and stuff. i confirmed my email, then i chose to be a Roman. Then this dude asked me to get more woodworkers because my village main export is wood. BUT HOW DO I DO THAT!? WHERE ARE ALL THE BLOODY WOODWORKERS!?!?!?!? DO I HAVE TO FIND YOU PEOPLE!? ITS MY VILLAGE GODDAMMIT YOU BLOODY COME TO ME OR AT LEAST MAKE YOURSELVES EASY TO FIND!!
5) Math
That was the first thing i quarreled with my mom this morning. I DONT WANT TO DO A FULL SET OF KUMON [math] I suck at math, i know, i cant handle it, it turns me off everytime i have to look at equations and all this shiz. I dont get along with my mom very well i suppose ._. And for all you retards out there who keep telling me that math is alive, math is endless, ITS FREAKING NOT ALIVE. DOES IT HAVE A HEART?DOES IT BEAT? DOES IT INHAEL OXYGEN? Noo. its formed by pen ink! And it only reproduces into more qustions i keep getting everyday, i swear sooner or later i aint gonna have anymore hair left on my scalp.
Mornings just arent my thing. If I were God then i would nights come first. Cause night time is partying time, so once you wake up you go partying, and when afternoon time comes and its school time, you could just tell teacher that you`ve been partying all night. And the teacher will be like " well, me too"
Lol. i dont think i`m myself right now. *Dizzyy*
I really should get my ass up and start practicing the piano, and finishing my math, and my other gazillion stacks of projects, homework.

Friendstaa & Facebook

What happend to the good ol days when friendster was all the rage?
Now it looks like its been deserted by all its former members.
I remember when I was 13 [2 years ago] friendster the in thing, guess not man people knew about facebookor found it appealing, and now, everybodyhas joined facebook, which is now the newest thing. i guess. well its not really new but everone's so into it. I made a lot f friends on friendster and i got to know a lot of people whom i wouldn't have known if i never used friendster. I could play with it for hours everyday [ i know its not as fun as facebook] The streotype for Fster is that its loaded with ah lien & ah beng`s who have incredibly annoying broken english, and the only thing people do on friendster see who has the most friends and the most comments. So all day long, people who log onto fster just add more friends and write meaningless coments to each other.

Now instead of people asking;
" HarLorHxX. Euu got play FriEndStaa mA~~? If got Then AdDz me HorhXx.
MuAkSs. Miss Euu. LurVe Euu`s ^^ THx 4 d Add OrhXx. LeaVe Me CoMmeNts Ya! (^(oo)^)
QQ Mei mEiXx"

Seriously , that tends to get rather annoying
Now people say
" who uses friendster when there's facebook?"

Okay i admit, that was me 2 years ago, i loved getting friend requests from random people and it was kind of like a competition to have the most comments. until i found it completely pointless. My page was filled with useless comments from spammers whom i dont even know, just to
increase thenumber of comments.and a few months ago i gave up on friendster and stopped logging on [ i found out that almost everyone has] and instead, joined facebook.

Facebook was confusing at first [and i still have no shitting idea how to use the applications] but i can say that it is more unique and creative than Fster. But there are a thing or too that i miss about Fster, is that, you can actually choose and personalize your background in Friendster. Where else n facebook you have to glue your eyes to that ugly ugly blue and white layout, and i guess it was less formal, you can type whatever shit you want. so i`ve decided that now, i`m going to continue using friendster, eventhough you people dont use it and its fertile for me to join when none of my friends use Friendstaa any more, but still. i shall then make friends with people who use friendster. :)


I`m in the middle of changing my blog skin now,
and I always get nto such a huge crisis at the about me section because i have no idea what to write!! And im pretty much sick of looking at the same background everday, i think i`m going to through up pretty soon [and im sure you are too] so do bear with me for a little while longer while i fix this.I hate looking at these codes,i swear everytime i lay my eyes on it my brain shuts down. but I MUST DO IT. if i look at the previous skin one more time i`m going to go into a coma.

i`m so frustrated now. I deleted all my lnks, you know how many links i have?? A LOT. and i cant remember them all, so, i`m going to try and relink everyone, i`m really sorry if i missed you out. OI . you cant blame me, i have SHORT TERM MEMORY. i can only remember thoes who visit my blog frequently, so, if i`ve left you out and you want me to link you just let me know.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sri matang trip [2009]

SRI MATANG FIELD TRIP. at first i was kinda lazy to blog about it but then i kept looking at the pictures at found it such a sheer waste after all, the pictures i took did look kinda nice. Ont he way to Sri Matang i was thinking . OH SHIZ. WHY WHY WHY DID I EVER THINK OF GOING ON TO THIS TRIP!? aside from that my handphone was dea and i forgot to bring my ipod. i could bet then that it was going to be the most boring 7 hours of my life. OKAY FINE. i was wrong. maybe i was just unenthuiastic cause syaf didnt want to go. BUT IT WAS MUCHOOS FUN. except that when i got home i realized i had a sunburnt fore head. wtf
Anyways, Sri matang is quite a nice place. Its kind of isolated and we spent our 7 hours fooling around in the pool, then going to the stream, then the swings where we dried off then we jumped back into the pool. Just repeating the same sequence like 10 times. lol! The stream at sri matang was amazing. It was so pretty, but it was assin difficult to walk around ause there were so many stones, and all the stones had this layer of fungus on them which made it so slippery to walk on. I fell down about a 1000 and 1 times. And i broke my toe nail :(

So.. LOTSA photo's of the stream.
Gabriel stalking amanda.

Us. :D
Us again. NYUM. Mica feeding me cheerios

I look lost. Candid XD
Donovan. Candid's.
Haha. i forgot who came up to me to tell me he had found a snake bone. then i touched it. Yuck la. it was like hard and pointy. So weird.

Oh. we had this egg thing where Mr Jonothan brought a box of uncooked eggs. then we started throwing it at each other trying to catch it. Wtf, i must have broken at least 6. Muaha. Jiajun scolded me . He was like " heyyy. you know.. people in africa are starving.. we shouldnt waste food guyss"
My hand smelled like a freaking rotten egg for the rest of the day cause the eggs kept on breaking when it hit my hand. wth so disgusting la. i washed it a million times but the smell still stayed -.-
Angelo's body shape. and darren squeezed an egg into his eye. meehh -.-

This was the park that serena and i came back too for about 10 times when we wanted to feel dry.
AmiesAmandaaMe. Swing swingThe pool. all the girls were reluctant to get in at first. They said that the pool had been filled with mountain spring water. LOL. after everyone swam in it the water as like sai.

Love in the pool. HUGSYea i know i look pretty fugly with my face so bare.Laugh. hmmpft.

Gabriel can touch his nose with his tounge, yuck la gabrielTrying to hitch a ride when our bus didnt seem to be coming :) doesnt want us anymore.Our bus came right on time. f it came a second later we would all have been drenched cause it sarted puring like crazy

Goodbye sri matang :)