Sunday, March 1, 2009

Twilight (...)

A a a aagh

I've never really understood what the big hoohaa about twilight was
okay, its a story about a fucking hot vampire , edward cullen (who has a freaking oh so perfect name ^^) but isin't that the type of story that you come across nearly every day?


I understand why the whole world has become twilight/edward cullen worshipers. THIS BOOK IS FREAKING AMAZING. its so incredibly- *gasps* dazzling. lol. as Bella always says

"Stop dazzling me!"

The entire book was so breathtakingly sweet :D . yup. irrevocably and unconditionally. and it was so bloody hard to find in kuching. but since i went to kl, they had like, rows and rows of it. :DD and it was so worth it!


"Would you please tell me what you're thinking? BEFORE i go mad?"

is so funny how he cant read bellas's mind

BUT AGH. i watched the movie right after i read the book. AND OI WHY THEY CUT OF SO MANY SCENES HUHHHHHH? HUUUUUUHHHHHH? grrr. =.= disappointment. and i thought bella was supposed to be hotter? but it looked as if she hadnt seen sunlight for years ==

well. since he can dazzle me, i can now look at my phone and get dazzled. whee. its shinyy >_>

and cute! ^^

Ahaha. the Public speaking workshop is on the newspaper. aggh my fugly face is there next to diana >_> it was too candidHere's Ha Eun's pretty face ( the one on the left) but the labled her name wrongly. it was mixed up with the chick on the right == P/s : aggh. sophie kinsella is releasing her new book on august 25 called twenties girl.

or something (...)

*so your insults may hurt and you dont like me but it doesnt matter because no ones perfect i guess?

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb

so breakable it was afraid to touch

* why do stars fall down from the star ,everytime you walk by? just like me they want to be, close to you *


Ally said...

Hey there(:
Randomly stumbled across your blog
You're so cute!
Haha... and I love Twillight also<3
&&Nice phone!^^

ninezerothree said...

why so shiny~ n more blurry pictures~ :P

p/s the word verification for this comment was "hater" lol

` ♥ kimberly said...

Nadzim:haha!! Need word verification ka?