Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sibu youth leadership!

So many things happened

So many experiences experienced

So much fun

- i learned to take bath in cold water in the early mornings. - i learned to live with disgusting food
- i learned to worship mosquitoe repellent. ( whoever invented that should recieve an award)

Shit, i sound like a little spoiled brat.

I have so many freaking pictures. I had about 200. Then i deleted the blur ones it became 122. But im only uploading a few. well, this is not counted as a few!

We got on to the bus on Friday the 13th. Oh yes, very very lovely bus with big plushy seats and very roomy. BUT IF YOU DID'NT NOTICE THE DATE. Friday the 13th! And yes, i am a very superstitious person. but first of all this is true okay! We left the Kuching bus terminal at 3:30 (Lodgians: Me, Diana, Sam, Bobby, Jesmond, Mervin, Wayne, Jon chek, && Mistah P)

It feels like your riding on a first class plane

And you know what happened? after only 1 and a half hours of travelling OUR BUS BROKE DOWN. seriously it felt as if i were in a movie and these things always happen in movies and the people get eaten alive by snakes but thats on planes and im not and actress so we could have been ambushed by leeches or something!!

SECOND THING: we were in the middle of NO WHERE. yeah. except this really isolated kampungish area and there was a " STOP DADAH" red sign in a crappy hospital ( which was made of wood and really broken down and tiny) and a road side burger stall. so how are you supposed to call for help?


Person: hello operator our bus has broken down and i do think we need help because we cant stay here forever

Operator: Where is your location

Person: oh, just about in the middle of no where.

Operator: *hangs up*


This was the surroundings of the hospital. Can you picture it in your mind?

THIRD THING: i had to go to the hospital and use the most SHIT LIKE TOILET THAT RESEMBLES A HOLE IN THE GROUND. ( and mind you it was not a fancy hospital is was an unknown weird wooden hospital with untrimmed grass and it was filthy and no one was even there) SERIOUSLY. it was so disgusting. there was shit all over the place , it was practically flooded with piss, i think an animal died in there too. and the door couldnt even be closed properly and when you asked someone to hold the door for you it was all pitch black inside that cubicle and i'm extremely claustrophobic i felt as if the walls would close down on me and i would be buried to death in shit.

But i am very proud to say that Sammy, Diana and Bobby sucked it up . we had guts! :D but i have to remind myself to wash myself with Clorox

THIRD THING : Nobody came to help us for 4 hours! what are you supposed to do for FOUR HOURS!?

3 hours later.. ( not 4 hours yet ) still, nobody! Oi, getting dark already you know. i was already preparing myself to bunk in for the night.Had to turn on flash mode since it was getting super darkBut soon, someone came to rescue the helpless lodgian students!( and other helpless passengers)

and instead of arriving in sibu at 11, we arrived at 3:30 a.m ! WTF! and we had to wake up at 7:30, i could not get my ass out of bed, Diana had to kick me.

OH, and it didnt stop there. When the "new " bus came to rescue us, IT WAS A FREAKING CRAPPY BUS. and you know whats worse? diana and i were the last that got into the crappy bus so we had to take the worst seats. a 4 seater .right at the back. and whats even worse that that? we had to sit in the middle of the 4 seater so we couldnt lean on the sides. 6 hours. It gets worse still, i slept for about an hour on the bus and 1 woke up at one, and i have another phobia, that when people drive at night they get sleepy and lose concentration, i kept praying, dont crash., dont crash. And the driver drove like a maniac, diana and i were clining onto each other for 2 hours woth our hearts pounding hard. all we could see through the windshield was darkness and random flashes of white lights. my ass tail bone hurt like hell after that.

We got to the camp soon, it wasnt what i really expected (okay i've been watching too much Camp Rock) . YMCA camp (one of the campers said Your Mother Cock Addict) =.= there were around 200 people from different schools in sibu (Lodge was the only school from kuching)

Sam and booby*

Our dorms were really lacking space with 20 people in each dorm.

One thing that i will forever remember from that camp? JUNGLE TREKKING.

It was absolutely horrific yet extremely fun. This is the first time i dont know how to describe something i've experienced. well, okay. Horrific because, i thought jungle trekking was like, skipping through out the woods (ahem, alice in wonderland) but how wrong could i get, i didnt know that you had to get down on all fours and climb the super slippery steep hills, that were like 65 degrees upwards full of mud like an animal. I must have fell down about 50 times, like really badly. for 2 hours. and I caudally considered taking the 4 hour one. ( and i bet that at least 75% of the people that chose the 4 hour one gave up and did the 2 hour one) after about an hour of trekking i realized that i was alone. seriously i was! in a place with tall green trees (picture the beginning of twilight it looked exactly like that. i did get a little freaked out so i started running. I felt as if i were in a video game. honestly. After running through out the muddy forest and once i climbed to the top of the steep hills i was in a field with lots of weeds and it was really grassy (think final fantasy) and after that it was a really rocky with water flowing through (very beautiful) Well, whatever, the thing is , it was my first experince and i had never felt so exhausted . (not forgetting you have to wait 40 minutes to take a 10 minute shower, and i was encrusted wth mud!! from head to toe!!) Samantha and Bobby got lost, poor things.

The canteen. Food was disgusting, and we had to do our own dishes. And some people, the just dipped the plates into the sink that was filled with the dirty accumulated water. i wanted to puke! and the next day we would be eating out from THOSE PLATES. Sam was absolutely shocked when she found out about it. Diana, sam, bobbyRandoms!! Our schedule was really full with lots of talks. ( there are alot more people than that but they werent there) in the auditorium.

With talks about love and how to speak well. ANDDDDD. TALENT TIME. it is when the 15 groups (babyblue, dark blue, purple, red, yeallow, orange blah blah blah) come out with a sketch, a dance, or whatever!! and guess who was our group leader?Mr. childish Jesmond siewwe did a play on "The twisted fariytale evoultion" ( i was the narrator while jesmond controled the music and stuff and the rest were acting) it was basically like this, Cinderella andSnow white were bffs. then prince charming asks cinderella to the ball , snow white gets jealous and poisons Cinderella with poisonous Koropok. And then prince charming kisses cinderella but she doesnt wake up, so he accidently stabbed her ( she was actually SLOWLY getting up) and went of with snow white and they lived happily ever after.

And out of 15 groups.

we emerged FIRST. yes FIRST! scream it like you mean it!!

We were all going crazy and freaking out, jumping up and down when we were awaiting the results. and when it was announced, we completely burst out and started screaming. Before that Jessie Bessie said ( jesmond) (jessie bessie was the name samantha gave to jesmond)

"it doesnt matter if we dont win at all because we all had the most fun. look at some of the groups, they get mad at each other after they perform because the aren't happy, but we were all cooperative, were satisfied, we worked together as a team and we enjoyed ourself. That's what counts."

*sheds tear* ppft :D

I love the group so much ,GROUP 3 !! BLUE!!

yay!! Applause. felt so happy. Thanks to Rina, who thought of the idea. :) after the talentime it was almost midnight. and it was also our last night at YMCA. Party till 3!

Well no la, were not crazy, we just went out of the camp and talked in a circle. everything was beautiful (add in the pale moonlight + randomly starred covered night with fading clouds + trees. ) and it was also the first time i lied down on granite. i was thinking " aieee, so dirty" ..But how many times do you get to lie down on a road? :D so you knid of get to gaze at everything upon you. :) ( and pray that you wont get runover)

i Really miss it. and i felt so sad when we had to leave. We met a hell load of friendly people that wanted to take pictures.Well goodbye you nice people. i dont think we'll ever meet again. but i gave most of you my email already anyways. . on the way to the airport was sad

The sibu airport was kind of crappy.

Mr peter SEXY. so sad. he had to look after all our bags.

when i sat on the plane . i drank. i read. and i looked out of the window a bit. AND WE WERE IN KUCHING. WTH!?!? it felt like 10 minutes!! compared to 10 hours on the bus!!! if it were 10 hours i could probably go back and forth from kch to sibu 300 times!!!!! = =

And i bought myself a bigass bag of Famous Amos cookies and went home to sleep.

Well, goodby YMCA camp.

It was so much fun

well. mostly the people who went and thoes i met. :) you've made this a truly amazing experince for me
P/s: except for the part where some bastard stole diana's phone and anonymously left it at the girls bathroom after warning.

p/p/s: im in kl!

p/p/p/s: Happy Holidays :D
p/p/p/p/s: my phone is out if batt and i did not bring the charger

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