Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've just made my first avatar. and yes, i know its crapy and not pro like most people's. i still some noobie okay!! xD give me timeee :) anyways, i'll post up my avatar page soon. :D :D

And yeah, today was a horrible. WTF. i checked my weekly horoscope. and it said WEDNESDAY was my LUCKY DAY. oh gosh, who screwed up the horoscope page and infact wed was a horrible horrendous terrible day. and i dont really think best friends forever really exists. its like santa claus. i dont think he exists. yeap. infatuated. but i do believe in best friends. but notreally the forever part. well. still waiting to be proven wrong. anyways. today was just PURE crap.

So to steer all my depression away, i decided to continue photo shopping. just basic, not heavy heavy photoshoping.FLUSH IT ALL DOWN FLUSHHHHHH!!!
Lets hope that its infatuated. so i don't have to be kept hanging by on a piece of thread.
p/s : i hate biased teachers
p/p/s: I'm now on eclipse. 3rd book of twilight. new moon was amazing. i cried.
p/p/p/s: yes shattap. it was heart breakig . new moon i mean
p/p/p/p/s: btw thanks sam for telling me how to spell wednesday. i actually spelt in wenesday. yes i stupid i know.

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