Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monster Father

If you havent read it on the news paper, this has been all over the news for months. This father, Josef Fritz, an austria man actually imprisoned his daughter for 24 years when she was 18. 24 fucking years. HE imprisoned her in a windowless cell for 24 years, since he's an engineer he made a small cell for her at the basement of their house, and he trapped her there for 24 freaking years.BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO HER DURING THAT TIME? He raped her, he sexually abused her, he tortured her, she was under all his control, and she had 7 children after being raped by him for 24 years! that bastard didnt even bother to use a condom! What the hell!! she had to give birth NATURALLY 7 times!Ever since she was 18, she had never seen sunlight again, and her children, (ages ranging 6-20) have never ONCE seen sunlight in their entire lives. can you imagine? 18 years old and 24 years of her lives had already passed by, and how was she forced to spend her 24 years?
(eh she's quite pretty)
IN A WINDOWLESS CELL, i have no idea how she managed to survive 24 years, if it were me i'd had smashed my head into pieces. EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDERED AND SIXTY DAYS, and the only people she had ever communicated with were her children and her rapist of a father, and, she actually only has 6 children now.

WHY? because one of her children are actueally a pair of male twins, and when one of the twin had fell sick, HE THREW THAT POOR INNCOENT SICK CHILD INTO THE FURNACE, HE BURNED THE CHILD .
These children were so innocent, they have never experinced anything but pain, these 6 children have never seen trees, nor cute animals. And the oldest child is already 20!! The 20 year old could have been such a success in life, but at 20 all he has ever experinced was being trapped in a eindowless cell watching his granfather rape his mother. WTF!!! at 15 i have already accomplished more than he has, i've been to the USA, i've sitten on a plane, i've seen fireworks, and i've seen stars!

The more you read the more shocking it gets, can you imagine what this poor little ( 42 now) has gone through? apparently she has no more teeth due to the lack of calcium and her hair is totally white. she was already imprisoned by force at the young age of 18 and her bright future was destroyed infront of her eyes, WHY? Because instead of fufilling her dream to become something she has always wanted to become, SHE HAD TO STAY IN A DUNGEON FOR 24 YEARS AS A SEX TOY JUST FOR THE PLEASURE OF HER FATHER. WHATS MORE SICK THAT RAPING YOUR OWN OFFSPRING?!?!? When i read it i juts got so pissed! I felt like chopping him up and then burn him on a stake! And what about the mother??

Hadn't the mother ever thought
" what has happened to my daughter who used to be living with me?" APPARENTLY, Fritz told the mother that she had ran away to join a cult AND SHE ACCEPTED THAT FACT! IS SHE RETARDED!?!?!?! The truth is her husband of a monster knocked his daughter out and handcuffed her to a chair int he basement. thats when the daughters suffering began. WAIT, actually NO. Before that when she was only a little young girl of 6, she was already being sexually abused by her father! SO ALL HER LIFE WAS JUST AN ENDLESS HELL!? If i were the mother i would ring up every police in the country. And just because the father was a fierce man she cowered away from the fact that maybe, maybe her daughter was underneath her OWN HOUSE SUFFERING when she was sleeping. That her daughter was being RAPED when she was watching tv.


So now fritz will be having to face a life sentence. WHAT IS THE FREAKING POINT ALREADY? He has already ruined the lives of 8 people and HE'S 73! Whats the most he could serve 7 years? COULD THAT MAKE UP FOR 24 YEARS OF HELL HE HAS CAUSED EVERYONE WHO WAS SO INNOCENT?


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