Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to live/pretend to live the rich & famous lifestyle

1)You must have an incredibly huge house like diana for example ( cannot fake house one la)
2)And you must pose with your house so that everyone thinks your rich.
A dog is also reqiured. POSH DOG.
And your also required to have plastic surgery or you'll never be as gorgeous as sam. therefore, you will NOT become famousPlastic surgery always makes you more beautful
"The more eyes the merrier"
Lovely dah-ling
And you must have a mink coat that everyone can share and look chioTry your best to look bitchy and classyBut after a while you wontreally be able to hide your true emotions. your bursting with happinessAlways show your lovely smile to the paparazziHow friendly sam.Sad clown.And if your actually rich enough to have a snooker table on your third floor of your mansion..We dazzle the cameraAlways camwhore on your staircase so your staircase will look coolOr anywhere else wold also be fine :D
Dont talk, instead, tye out what you want to say incase you get wrinklesTHE LIFESTYLE OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS WHEN GOING OUT TO EAT
Sam bobby && eric i wish you guys could have came :( but SOMEONE had to go to bed early. hmmm.Always have a fake bottle of wine so that you seem classyNever look hungry. Just like diana.
Drink 2 drinks at once to show people that your cool.
"NGAH. i can drink two drinks. Nyahahahaha"
( we ate at mr ho's)
and had so much fun...eating :D
But most importantly
Have fun
so corny.
anyways, to end this post, i am propsing my love to ruffles!!


P/s: ruffles is diana's dog

p/p/s: pictures were taken by flash. thats why theyre all so white :D

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ninezerothree said...

lemme get this straight...

u had an orgasm with a dog?!