Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Random

In school now. i probably wont be updating. a lot. so . yes. very sad :( *sad face* have to study okay.. and find room from rainfest! i cant wait even though its 4 months from now but still four monhts its nothing!!! WOOTS And i shall now tell you 10 randm things about me. nyeh

1) i used to have an imaginary friend and she was perfect cause i dint have any friends when i was younger

2) i once bought a turtle and kept it away from my mom but i couldnt hold the responsibility so i gave it to this girl , kitty, and her cousin accidently sat on it

3) i like meat. but i used to prefer pasta. i think im becoming a carnivore more than a herbivore.

4) i believe that we need each other, as in, you know, male female, female male, or else we would have been born asexual and we can screw ourselves and reproduce anyhoo

5) i used to be addicted to the sims. until i dint have that much access to the computer but if i did have access to the computer i would play sims all night and day and not eat :D nyum

6) i'm a chocoholic and a sugar holic. sometimes i have this fear that im going to get diabetes

7) i never get christian concerts.. maybe its because im not a christian

8) I always go through my-favourite-colour-phase, it used to be silkver..then black.. now pink yellow and red!

9) I used to be addicted to Friebdster but now i dumpoed it , infact i think everyone dumped friendster and we all use facebook. add me on facebook!

10) i love nigahigaa && communitychannel!! youtube is my source of entertainment

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