Friday, March 6, 2009

Boring. [annoyance]

Goodness have you changed.
You seem like a whole new person i've never known.
It hurt me to no be able to familiarize with you anymore with al this neglection.
Or mayeb im the first to notice ( maybe that proves that i care the most)
Feels like i have no one to turn to no more cause your too absorbed with yourself
Thought i would never need to say this
But i dont think i really know you already
and i dont think you know that anythings wrong.
Because obviously it doesnt matter to you no more *
p/s: i dont miss you at all
p/p/s: i miss the OLD you.
I made Another icon :D . (btw, i finally have a page on glitter graphics to make cute little icons. after procrastinating again and again) Edward Cullen .indulging in eclipse. Someone said that eclipse was the most boring, and someone else said that New moon was the saddest. well, New moon is the saddest so far. i cried. seriously!

TT and i dont find eclipse boring lerh. :D hehe.
anyways, sunday is going to be sports day, So good luck to everybody out thereee! :D may the best house win. Then after that would be the sibu trip. aggh , hyperventilating again! Cant wait to go with diana :D. Well nothing to blog about. so lazy :) look at the cute stuff i bought
Tissue paper
Bubble gumm *

Lucky im in love with my best friend <3

Lucky- Jason Mraz

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