Friday, February 13, 2009

This Fantastic 14th Feb Valentines Day

Hello you. Happy Valentine's day to all of you people out there. i hope you all had a fantastic valentine like me. :) This is the first time in my entire life i have ever had such an amazing valentine's day. and i can only say THANK YOU jasmine.( did you notice she's so pretty) :) i could not be more happy today. its practically impossible to find someone who gives as good advice as you. and someone who cares so much about me. :) haha. i love you! and i dont care if the whole world thinks im converted to lesbianism!! Cause if you didnt have anyone to marry i would marry you i would find someone that would be perfect for you. for all the nice things that you have done for me. :D as a valentine's present jasmine took me out for lunch.ahah. all expense paid. BY HER :P

For letting me have the most fun yesterday on the 13th of feb. (planet shakers ) although I'm not christian. (And they say that the 13th of feb is an unlucky day. ppft. superstitious. it could not be more far than unlucky don't believe in those superstitious belief's. their atrocious.) and today, valentine's day! Thank you for making me have the guts to go up there and ask the person to be my valentine. none of this would have happened without you. :D

and now i have the best valentine partner in the world. FINALLY I AM NOT ALONE. but just as friends :) woohoo. so happy now. muahaha. always remember. if you want that person to be yours. just go up to himher and ask. :D and i never see any harm in asking. So to those people who say. screw valentine's day ( how hypocritical of me when i just said it myself a week ago) maybe its because you haven't found that one special person that makes your heart pump blood faster and makes you skin tingle with ecstasy. weeelll . whatever. i know all of you i-hate-valentine-people will one day really love this day. just like me. Love Is Like A Rubiks Cubeyeah


And don't ever think "oh, i didnt receive any chocolates , or humongous bouquets of roses and stuffed bears and pink boxes with glittery ribbons strung onto them from anyone must mean that nobody loves me and all my friends recieved big presents and their so happy and i feel so shitty"

that is bullshit.

so very untrue. not everyone recieves presents. like me. i didnt recieve anything from anyone for valentine's day. ( except for foodfoodandFOOD , but that doesnt count cause almost everyone had recieved some ) see? :D so to all you people who did not recieve anything , your not alone! :D

and it is also crap that if you dont recieve anything does not mean that none of your male friends love you.(of course they do) it just means that their gay thats why they didnt buy you anything. and if your gay friends gave your female friend stuff, well then that most probably means that your gay friends see your female friends as guys. hmm. only logical reason. jk :D so that you all people who didnt get anything should be cheering now.

*i can hear them applauding*


PPPS: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. have a fantastic one! :)

( and if you dont they'll always be next year or they year after next)

grr. some people. so fucking unfriendly. just want to ask if your ok. =.=


ninezerothree said...

haaaa it's good to see you unmiserable about valentines haha :). yep 14th feb isnt about flowers nor chocolates (although i do think there should be a Chocolate Day...dat wud b nice hehe) but just to be happy with d ppl who care about u :).

good luck with that guy!

Xoxo said...
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` ♥ kimberly said...

LOL! Thanks nadzim xD