Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just came back from U.S about 3 days ago. went to LA , San Fransisco and Las vegas and a few of thoes tiny little towns which are super charming but i cant remember their names. But im going to blog about LA first. and Xmas. (my first ever celebrated XMAS ;D) and disney land! (yes i know it sounds super childish but it was so cute and really touching cause i love disney lah :D)
It took about 20 hours to get there with all the transits and stuff like that but i woke in the morning and i saw LA :D
Or it could be some random LA island. Okay, now i really see LA :DDBut before i start on how cute disney land is . I COOKED AN EGG. omg. and i split and it turned out so nice!
My second time. But the first time i also cannot remember liaw.
It was so super freezing!
Omg, i wanna live there. yes i doooo. I'll be like some retarded princess living in a big big disney castle and i can cook heart shaped eggs everyday :D
Btw, i also visited my cousins. Haha. its kind of blur.
(There is Ben, me, Hilary, Spencer and i for got the otherones name. But down there are my little sisters and chole. i still have another 3 more but they're not here.)

I wil now show you a very very retarded picture of me :D
It was very bright okay!
Aside from thoes pictures. thoes ae the only ones i cam whored. hmmpf. see?

They have all these really really cute bakeries where they sell super cute food. (which i bet tastes disgusting)At night there was this parade where all the disney characters danced along the pavement. it was so stupid yet so cute :D Brought back alot of memories. like when i used to watch disney channel :DD (unfortunately i dont have it now -_-)
Prince charming.muahahha.
But that was mostly it, besides the dancing mickey mouses and ducks. XD After that we went home for xmas :) My first celebrated xmas
There were alooooot of food. Tadahhh!Tadahhh!! :)Oh. i also recieved a present. TEDDY!
eh. this teddy bear is GIANT OKAY. see? :]

And this ipod touch thingy from my brother.LOL. i dont even know how to use -_- but i find it pretty!
And before i end my post. this is my little cousin alex. he had brain tumour before so he cant talk and he's 10 but he's so adorable. :)

My favourite cousin.

I will blog about. San fransisco and las vegas later :DD

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