Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remember this? haha. brenda and me :) are you ready for one bitchy post?

i am annoyed.
DISCLAIMER: i am not pointing names / listing out any. neither am i tripping over dis respectfulness. i am expressing my point of individual view. perasaan.

CHAO LENG KENG. -______________-
* name changed to he/she (and i know it sounds bisexual) so that i wont get into shit :D

There's this one prefect i dislike, don't know why but the first time i saw he/she i already thought that chao bin. REALLY. i think he/she is the WORST example and i have no idea why on earth he/she is a prefect. If she is the example that we are to follow then,as jasmine says we should all become nuns and join the monastery.

He/she is unfair and evil. Who purposely stalks students so he/she can see if can catch them. chao stalker. Then quickly reports them so that they can be demerited. -_- and about 75 percent of all the lower grade students strongly dislike this notorious prefect ( the other 25% don't know her, or else we'd have 100% agreement okay!)

And you know whats the worst thing about he/she? He/she is FREAKING BIASED. As long as you are he/she's friend he/she will let you go. but if he/ she dislikes you ( he/she dislikes probably the entire student population except for her followers) then you'll definitely be demerited. BIASED BITCH. -_-

p/s: he/she may sound like two people but its actually one. and i don't think i should tell the sex of that person cause there are so few prefects and it'll be obvious.

p/p/s: i think most of you already know who it is. a lot of people say he/she is an amoeba.

p/p/p/s: eh, dont say then name in public here ah. pai seh ar.

p/p/p/p/s: those people who impersonate me on the cbox i will block you automatically ar. you all are EVIL. bahahahaha. -_-

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